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To Annouce or Not?

My fiance and I have decided to have an intimate destination wedding with about 24 guests (if every one is there), and plan on having a celebration with those that were/are not included (hate to say it.....invited because of budget and traveling) on our first year anniversary (which adds up to about 250 guests for a home reception). Should we or can we send out  "We have decided to have an intimate wedding in Florida and upon our return we would love to celebrate with you on our first year anniversary" letter/announcement before the wedding? Or should we do something after the wedding? We are being asked if they are coming to the wedding in Florida. Just a little sick of being asked and dont want to hurt their feelings. Would like them to know where we stand with who will be there and who will not.

Re: To Annouce or Not?

  • Hmmm, I say to just send an announcement after the wedding.  I don't think I would include a celebration that will be a year away.  As for people asking, I would just tell them you've decided to have a small intimate wedding with family and a few close friends.  You could mention that you plan to have a celebration for your anniversary.
  • I voted BEFORE.    I noticed part of your concern was people asking you NOW about the wedding and if theyre invited.    I would send an announcement, probably with a picture, and word it along the lines of:

    We joyfully announce that we will be joining our hearts in matrimony on *wedding date* in an intimate ceremony.   As our family & friends, you are always with us in our thoughts and prayers, and we look forward to celebrating our happiness with you in the future. 

    somethin like that
  • I like that thank you!

    Speaking more and more about this we have come across another option and that is to have just one celebration only and that would be our wedding instead of having another party here when we get back. If we do both parties they would be one year apart because of budget, and if we were to have one then we can just spend it once not twice. That is still up in the air.

    Thank you!!
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