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Bat Mitzvah - How much to give?

My boss's daughter is having her bat mitzvah, and my husband and I have been invited.  I don't really know her, but my boss and I are on a small team of three, so I know him well.  The celebration is on a Sunday afternoon at a nice resturant.  I have never been to a bat mitzvah before.  I am assuming you are supposed to bring a gift, right?  How much would you spend on something like this?  Do I "cover the cost of the meal"?  I feel like that's a little too much to give someone I don't really know.  Or do I equate it to a Christian confirmation and give the same I would do for that?  But I would feel a little cheap taking that route - as most confirmations that I have been to are typically family only at someones home.  If you are supposed to bring a gift - what do you give?  Cash?  Religous presents?  Other gifts that would interest a 13 yr old girl?  Thanks for helping out a clueless Catholic!!! :)
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Re: Bat Mitzvah - How much to give?

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    For any event, whether wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or anything else give an amount of money that you are able and the price of the plate should have nothing to do with it. At least that MHO. It is common practice to give a gift for a Jewish celebration in multiples of 18, the 18 standing for life. It's perfectly to give $36 or $54, especially since you don't know the girl. You also can't go wrong with a gift card to Borders or to a mall, if you'd prefer an actual present. I hope you enjoy the bat mitzvah. As someone who converted to Judaism, I was really impressed at the first, and so far ony, bar mitzvah I attended. It takes a lot of practice, patience and guts to sing in a foreign language in front of family, friends and an entire congregation. If you have more questions you might have more information on the Jewish Brides board.
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    As pp said, I would definitely recommend a multiple of $18 - whatever you are comfortable with. A check is absolutely ok and not "frowned upon" at all. If you want it to be more personal, you could always do some age-appropriate jewelry, but since you don't know her, a check might be best. Hope this helps!
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