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Monday Accountability

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B: 1 egg, slice of pork roll, hazelnut coffee with skim
S: Fruit cup
L: Buffalo turkey burger with blue cheese, side salad 
S: Apple
D: Skinnytaste stuffed pepper soup

W: 5 16oz cups at work, 2 bottles at home

Re: Monday Accountability

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    I'm back on the accountability train!

    B: Monster (30)

    L: Salad with grilled chicken, guac, black beans and corn (560) pita chips with hummus (210)

    D: Stove Top Stuffing (320)

    S: Mini babybel (100) Luna bar between workouts (180)

    E: 1 hour of Zumba, 1 hour of Zumba tone

    ETA: lunch and net calories

    Total: 1400

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    I seriously need to get back on the train after this weekend:

    B: PSL and a spinach wrap - 14 pts because I got a grande...sigh...

    L: Ham and potatoes... 10 pts

    S: Apple

    D: Borscht? We need to go shopping...


    E: I told BF I need to get serious again. I think we are going to work out tonight...maybe go for a run.

  • B: raisin nut bran
    S: cashews
    L: mac & cheese w/ turkey kielbasa
    S: popcorn
    D: bbq pulled chicken

    E: 3.7 mi run this a.m.
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    Still here and still fabulous!

  • I drank lots of alcohol this weekend.

    B- Coffee and fruit
    S- More fruit
    L- Turkey, hard boiled eggs, and veggies
    S- nuts
    D- Beef Roast in the crock pot

    E- Crossfit
  • welcome back, @buddysmom80!!

    B:  2 slices of pizza (the "cleanest" pizza you can get in the city, so I don't feel TOO bad!) + 2 eggs; Macadamia Nut coffee with a splash of milk

    L:  one of my favorites!  MS Pork Tomatillo Stew (LINK) with pepitas, cilantro, queso fresco; blackberries; baby carrots

    D:  MS Orange Balsamic Chicken (LINK) with Balsamic Potatoes (LINK) and either roasted or sauteed asparagus (depends on if the oven is too crowded with the chicken and potatoes); pomegranate and pineapple for dessert!

    H's company has a Healthy Living program.  at the end of last year, H joined and weighed in.  his goal was to lose a certain amount of weight (plus you have to log at least 3 work-outs a week the whole year, have good stats on bloodwork and vitals at certain points in the year, etc.)  H's final weigh-in is the week of Nov. 11.  so far he is at or just under his goal, but we're going to eat a little cleaner/more Paleo starting this week/weekend until his weigh-in.  I think his "prize" is $1000 or $1200...  I'm not sure.  he might have missed a couple "classes" and so it might get docked $100-$200, but still! 

    so, ladies, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me keep on track!

  • I need to get more disciplined.  I'm 3 lbs heavier after the ILs visit.  I like... cannot stand how much the scale reads.  I can't.  I need to stop this.
  • @love2shop4shoes - 3 lbs is probably just bloatedness, honestly.  as soon as you start eating a little cleaner, drinking lots of water, and doing some exercise you'll drop it fast!  don't let your MIL mess with you!
  • @CocoBellaF - OMG that stew looks AMAZING. 

    @loves2shop4shoes - Ditto Coco, drink a ton of water today. I desperately need to flush out all the junk (and cases of Yuengling) I devoured this weekend. I feel your pain.

  • @Swazzle - I  have had it 5 or 6 times in the past few weeks.  I can NOT get tired of it.  it is pure comfort food, and if you leave out the cheese/tortilla chips, it's totally Paleo/clean.  I love how it cooks for 4 hours and just falls apart when you shred the stew.  OMG.  I can't wait for lunch.

    P.S.  I sometimes add bell peppers to the tomatillos and I don't stick straight to the recipe...  it comes out fabulous every time.
  • @Swazzle and @love2shop4shoes - I also need to flush out my system.  this weekend was CRAZY food-wise, and I'm really feeling it.  I'm chugging water as we speak, and planning a good sweaty work-out tonight.  I know I'll feel better in a few days, but today I feel pretty yucky.
  • You guys are the best.

    Seriously, when I stepped on my scale this morning, I almost cried.
  • I'm on my 3rd water of the day. 

    Shoes - At least you had the courage to get on the scale. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe tomorrow.

  • I haven't stepped on the scale in weeks.  I simply go by how my clothes are fitting and how bloated I feel.  I gain pounds when I'm toned (I gain muscle like crazy) and so I don't think the scale really works for me.  it just makes me feel like I "weigh" too much!
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