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Ceremony/Reception in same area

I am looking for ideas on how to seperate the cermony/reception during the actual ceremony.  We are having both in a large size barn.  Normally the ceremony is held outdoors but it will be in April and the weather in Wisconsin is unpredictable so we are planning on having the ceremony at one end.  Any ideas on how to block off the reception area from the ceremony until the ceremony is over?  We thought of curtains but that may get cumbersome.

Thank  you!

Re: Ceremony/Reception in same area

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    We got married in my in-laws' yard, ceremony and reception in the same place. We just put the ceremony area at one end of the yard, with all the guest chairs facing away from the reception area, which was at the other end. I don't think you need to worry about blocking it off.
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    I'm doing the ceremony and reception in the same room.  My tables are set up so that there is a center aisle for us to se.
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    A) Curtains B) Set the ceremony chairs facing the opposite direction C) Out door tent D) Be prepared to have hired help who will change the "room" over. 
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    xchristy said:

    Tented areas make great spaces to accommodate guests in separate areas...

    @KnotPorscha, vendor alert.

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