My Vendor Reviews for the Brookfield/Waukesha/MKE area

I am not reviewing our baker because she is a family friend of my friend.  Our cake tasted amazing, but didn't love the look.  Since she doesn't have a full fledge business, I am not reviewing.


Amelishan Bridal (Bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses) A. The woman we worked with was wonderful.  She was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.  The young woman who helped my bridesmaids was great as well.  With the variety of sizes, it is a great place to go if you need something over an 8.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Perfect Fittings Alterations (located within Amelishan) A. Great experience.  The woman was honest, provided explanation for why we should do certain things, and listened to my opinion and how I felt.  My dress was amazing, comfortable and I couldn’t be happier.


Mayflowers (florist) B-.   The flowers were pretty.  Initial look I really liked them. Then some of the flower heads on boutonnieres started falling off.  We got to the reception hall and what was supposed to be blue flowers (blue and orange wedding) were a purplish color, not pale blue as we went over in the book.   The centerpieces at the reception were beautiful, just not the color I hoped for/requested.  If it wasn’t for the flower heads on the boutonnieres, they would have gotten a better score.


Brookfield Suites (Reception) F.  Probably would have been ok if the Food and Beverage manager we were working with for the past year was still there, but he had a better opportunity and left 10 days before the wedding.  His co-workers and staff couldn’t handle it and it was one mess after another.

We tried to pick up our items the next day and no one could find anything.  When they were found, things were tossed in our bin full of cake instead of being wiped off at the bare minimum.  The baker was going back to pick up her stands, etc as she had arranged with the facility, but that all ended up in our bin that no one could find.


Dubois(tuxedos) B+.  For the most part everything went very smooth.  There were issues with the 2 ring bearers attire and 1 groomsman, but they were able to fix it and have everything to us the day before the wedding.  When they say pick up is the Thursday before the wedding-DO IT and make sure everyone tries everything on, because they can still overnight items for you.


Skincare by Sara (makeup) A+.  Sara travels to where you need your makeup done, and at a reasonable price.  The day of makeup was even better than the trial run.  I loved my makeup and my bridesmaids and mom loved theirs too.  Very impressed.  I would definitely use Sara again.


Imagine Salon (Emily and Rebecca-Hair). A+.  All of my BM’s and others who had their hair done loved it.  I did not hear anyone wish they had something different done or not like it.  I loved my hair.  It stayed  curled the whole time and the sides up.  Anyone in the Brookfield area….try Emily.  She did wonderful.


Partridge Family Bus A+.  Our driver was great, we had a blast.  Untraditional, but so much fun.  I or family/friends have used them now 7 times and every experience has been great.


Midwest Sound A+.  Jerald is the man to ask for.  He has now done 3 weddings in my husband’s family and all have been memorable.  He is full of energy, checks in with you, and listens to your requests.  They also have online tools for filling out your selections, which was very easy.


Lotus Fly Photography(Shawna)  A+.  Amazing to work with.  Shawna also did our engagement photos. They were really good.  She sent us 2 “spoilers” of our wedding photos and we love them.  The entire wedding party had a great time and Shawna and her assistant really made the group feel comfortable with the photos.


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