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Hi everyone,  we still haven't properly decided where we want to have our Vegas wedding!  We're doing it in April 2015 and can't decide between restaurant, in-suite, or now to throw another idea in the mix, a villa wedding.  

I have been looking at Little Vegas Wedding and checking out a few of the mansions and villas.  I really like the look of a few of them and I think it would be a decent option for us, but I wonder if anyone here has had their wedding there and has anything to share?

We haven't made our minds up on anything yet so this is more a fact finding mission than anything else but I think that this might feel a bit less stressful to me than an in-suite reception since it would allow me to be less stressed about outside vendors, plus a bit more room for the unpredictability we have with guest numbers fluctuating over the next 18 months.  

Any help/advice/info about villa weddings would be gratefully received, thanks everyone!
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