Milwaukee/Brookfield Ceremony Venues

We are hoping to book our reception at the Milwaukee Public Market later next year, but I am concerned because I am not sure where in the area we can hold a ceremony. We love the idea of having it outdoors, but it seems so risky in fall! Are there any parks or rooms in the downtown/third ward/bayview/brookfield area that you would recommend (outside of the norm)? We aren't looking for a church, and are hoping to not spend too much money as we are already for the reception. 

I know this question has been brought up before but I thought I'd see if anyone had any new ideas or suggestions! Thanks!

Re: Milwaukee/Brookfield Ceremony Venues

  • not sure what 'the norm' is - but Peer Marquette Park has ceremonies. The pavilion at South Shore park is nice too in Bay View.
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  • We were running into the same problem as you; we wanted to have an outdoor ceremony downtown. What we found is that all of the places we liked, we were not allowed to book for just a ceremony (such as Pere Marquette, the outdoor area of the Habor Lights Room above the MTC, etc) because they are booked through Zilli Hospitality Group and they require you to book your entire wedding with them.  
    We ended up finding Zilber Park (right next to the new Brewhouse Inn and across the from the Pabst Brewery) and really like it. You just have to pay a deposit to hold it, and it is fully refundable so long as the park is cleaned up before you leave. To inquire about it you need to contact Zilber Developers (it isn't a part of the Brewhouse Inn or the Pabst Brewery). I'm trying to upload a photo, but I don't think it's going to work. If you google search images though, you can find pictures of other weddings that have been done there so you can see the set up. 
    Good luck! 
  • Thanks so much! Yes it sounds like we were in the same boat. but I don't want to rent two entire venues! 

    I have heard about Zilber Park but couldn't find much when researching it. I will have to reach out to the developers to find out more. I appreciate the tip! 
  • I was married at Lapham Peak in Delafield.  We could have done it outside, but opted to rent the building and be safe doing it indoors regardless.  The rental fee is low ($100, I believe).  We also paid for our guests to park (WI state daily fee $5-7 per car).  They kept tally of cars and we paid on our way out.
  • We are having our ceremony at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center of the Arts in Brookfield. They have a studio space that is very nice and along with that you have access to use the outdoor patio, which gives you a great tree line as a backdrop. 

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