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Pre-wedding Parties


Quick question...would it be ok for me to ask my wedding party and family members to come to the rehearsal at 7pm and then drive about 30 mins to my house for the rehearsal dinner? Our wedding is on a Friday night so the rehearsal would be on Thursday night. I know some work and live out of state. The wedding is a year away. If I give them fair warning does that sound reasonable or crazy?

Re: Rehearsal

  • Honestly, for a weeknight rehearsal, I'd probably skip the dinner. Is your house closer to home for them or will they have to drive another 30-60 minutes home?
  • 30 min is kinda far for a rehearsal and that sounds like a late night already.  Are people local or will they be OOT staying near the venue?  Where are you getting married?  If it is not a complex ceremony, you can always skip the "rehearsal" altogether or have people just meet at your house instead of doing a walk through at the actual site. You can go over the details of how its set up, who is walking with who, where they are standing, etc.  Most adults will be familiar with a how a wedding works. 

    You and your FI should meet with a coordinator and/or officiant so you are all on the same page as
    what is happening, but can easily pass that on to your wedding party if it will be out of there way to drive back and forth.

    Of if you are set on having the rehearsal at the venue, I would find a nearby restaurant--even pizza is a great choice and can be cost effective.  

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    Another 30 minutes for dinner after a rehearsal seems like a pretty long gap for me, especially after 7pm.
  • Is  your wedding at one location? If so you can have the dinner at your venue that way everyone is there and there is no extra driving to and from. My venue offers rehearsal dinners as well so we might do that as well.  
  • If you have guests traveling, is their ability to get to your house an issue?  Are you going to set up rides for those who travel but don't rent cars?  30min is a little far, but the real question is how far is the ride back to their hotels?  If you live nearby their hotels or wherever they're staying it doesn't seem like a big deal.  Regardless, when you have a weeknight wedding, you should always expect that some guests won't be able to make it.  
  • If everyone who is at the rehersal is going to have to drive back that way to get to where they live or are staying, I don't think it would be an issue. But if driving back to your house for dinner means that they will have to drive another 30 minutes to get to where they live or are staying, I would recommend trying to find something closer to the ceremony location. If having sandwich trays or something of the sort at the ceremony location and option?
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