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We are planning a hockey themed wedding. We both LOVE the pittsburgh penguins. Does anyone have any ideas on center pieces??

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  • i went to a wedding last year and the table numbers were penguins players last names. I was at the Niskanen table!
  • Ahhh, such an awesome wedding theme!! My best friend is also thinking about incorporating hockey, but she hasn't decided on the decore yet.  If you have Pinterest, type in "hockey wedding" in the search box. A lot of hits came back for other decor ideas (invitations, gifts, cakes, toppers, etc).  There's even a wedding invitation that's styled like a Pens ticket, but it's of you and your FI in an engagement shot. How cool?!

    Some center piece ideas: vases that look like the Stanley Cup and have flowers in the bowl; gather about four-five small party favor hockey sticks and "wrap" them around a vase of flowers; single layer cakes frosted and decorated to look like "home ice;"  a photoscape of retired or famous hockey players in action shots; you could even make scrapbook pages filled with pictures and tickets from games you've attended over the years and frame them....  Here's a site from Pinterest of real centerpiece ideas:

    Good luck!

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  • I will say tread lightly as you incorporate your love for the team and sport into you wedding.  The FI and I have been playing an P.Pens themed wedding for over a year now (just under 35 days until we get married) and I warn you b/c some things can cross the line between wedding that incorporates a mutual passion and love to 11 year old birthday party.  I have worked extremely hard to make sure that what we do is not tacky.  Hopefully the big day will turn out great without the tackyness that can possibly come with this.  happy planning :o)
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  • I am a hugh Penguins fan and my husband is a huge Buffalo Sabres fan so for our favors we used candy in the shape of a Penguin and in the shape of a Buffalo.  Sarris has a CUTE penguin shaped chocolate bar (they also have other hockey themed chocolates as well).  They were a hit and delicious too!
  • Thank you so much everyone!!  This really helps a lot!! .. We are trying to make it hockey themed but elegant at the same time :)
  • We were planning a hockey themed weddin as well, but as we realized most of our ideas were not original, we fell away from that idea quite a bit. He has actually played hockey for 20 years and his teams colors are black and yellow. Our colors reflect that (BMs in black with the guys in all black with a yellow tie), and we will only have a few touches, such as our cake topper, puck favors, and he and his bestman are goin to make the card box to look like a hockey rink (can't wait to see that). I am going to be wearing a pens garter... We want to be classy, but show his love of the sport and his team a little bit as well.
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