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Partial Seating Arrangements??

I had a question about seating arrangements. We want to assign tables to our wedding party and family members. I do not necessarily care where everyone else sits or if they sit at all. Has anyone created a partial seating arrangement? If so, how did you do this? Thoughts and opinions on this are appreciated. We are having buffet food...not a formal sit down dinner.

Re: Partial Seating Arrangements??

  • I know most people reserve tables for the wedding party but I have been to weddings where the grandparents and family either don't get a table or are in the back since all of the young people rush in and claim tables. LOL. So I want to make sure all the family and wedding party have somewhere to sit. I can reserve tables for everyone but we are expecting between 150 and 200 and that is a lot of work. :)
  • We did this for our elderly grandparents and wedding party. We just put "Reserved" on four of the tables at the reception, and just made sure our small wedding party knew that the front two were for them and their dates, and that our grandparents knew the back two were for them. They requested to be in the back away from the band, I didn't just shove them back there, haha.
    Otherwise it was completely open seating.
  • Carrie's idea is fine-just reserve a few tables and spread by word of mouth who sits there.  You could also do "Reserved for Wedding Party," "Reserved for Bride's Family," etc. if you wanted to be more descriptive.

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