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We are providing transportation for our guests to and from the ceremony/reception site to a hotel.   My Questions are the following:

1) How do I note on my invite that we will be providing this transportation for our guests?  It will only be going to and from the hotel where we have rooms blocked so I want that to be reflected on our invite/hotel information section, but am not sure how to word it.

2) Is it appropriate to note on the invite at what time the transportation will be transporting guests from the Hotel to the ceremony site (therefore they know when to be there so they don't miss the ceremony/shuttle)?   My reasoning is that our shuttle time is split - it'll be available from 3:30 -5:15 (our ceremony is scheduled for 5PM).

Any wording/etiquette help would be great!

Re: Transportation

  • I'd saying put it on your website. You can do an insert that says something like "For lodging and transportation information, visit our website www.meandhim.com"
  • ashleyep said:
    I'd saying put it on your website. You can do an insert that says something like "For lodging and transportation information, visit our website www.meandhim.com"
    @ashleyep ;  We've done this, but for many of my family and his - technology and specifically the internet is a foreign concept (their choice)?
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    We had a shuttle. We put the info on our website, but also included it in our invitation info insert since not all our guests (older in particular) had internet access. The website said something like:

    "We have arranged for a shuttle starting at (time) between the hotels at which we have room blocks and (reception venue). The shuttle will run in a continuous loop during and after the reception with the last trip leaving the reception at (time)."

    The invite insert said something like:

    "Hotel Blocks: blah blah blah
    Shuttle Service: (time) to (time) between hotel blocks and (reception site)
    Other Information: blah blah blah"

  • What the PPs have all said. If you are doing welcome bags, also include the transportation information.
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  • Website it :) Also find out from your hotel if they will be making trips based on time or on phone calls. My hotel block does  it as well, but they give each guest a phone number (and will give it to me as well) to call the number when they're ready to leave and they will come get them versus being stuck at the wedding until the next drive by.
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  • I am so glad someone else asked this because I have been wondering the same thing!

    I love southernbelle0915's wording and the idea of putting a shuttle schedule in welcome bags at the hotel.

    For those of you that are providing a shuttle that will run in a continuous loop, are you having it leave the hotel twice in order for guests to make it to the ceremony on time? It should only be about a 15 minute trip, but I am worried that not all of our guests that want to use it will fit in the shuttle in one trip, but I feel like running it twice is silly/rude because no one will want to go on the first one and be 30-45 minutes early for the ceremony. Can I ask guests to RSVP for the shuttle service?
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    @MrsAitch - We're going to note in our response that the shuttle service will run from 3:30-5 (it will actually run until 5:15).  Our ceremony is set to start at 5PM.   It will take approximately 20-25 minutes round trip for the shuttle.   So it would allow for 3 trips.   Having the shuttle leave that early is a risk we have to take.  It's a 22 person shuttle - so we're hoping that it'll fit everyone in those 3 trips and if not, that they'll squeeze in.  

    We've actually heard that a lot of locals are staying at the hotel because of the shuttle service, so I'm a little worried about running out of time before everyone grabs the shuttle, but my FI says that everything will be fine.

    Good Question though - Can guests RSVP to want to use the service?  Can we have them note they want to use it when they check in?  Our shuttle is by a private company, not provided by the hotel.
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