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My wedding got cancelled a couple of years ago and I have the dress still with the tags attached, never worn or altered. I am getting married next November (for real this time to the RIGHT guy ;) ) and we are VERY VERY tight on money and have absolutely no help what so ever with paying for anything for our wedding so if I don't sell this dress, I can't buy a new dress. If anyone has any suggestions please please help me. I'm desperate and have advertised literally everywhere online and have had no luck at all. Thanks guys!


  • How much are you offering it for?  You may have to lower your expectations of how much you can get for it.  Even with tags attached, once a dress leaves the store it loses 50% of its value (unless it's a super sought-after designer).  

    Also, did you post high quality pics of the dress?  Poor photos can tank a sale listing.  Maybe if you post a link to one of the places you have it listed we can help you make the posting better.
  • This is the link and I paid $1800 for the dress and am only asking $700 for it which I thought was fair for one with the tags still attached that's never been out of the bag before. I took it out of the bag to take pictures for the listings but besides that it's not been out of the bag since the day I left the bridal store with it. It's an Oleg Cassini so it's not a cheap made dress by any means. I've advertised it elsewhere for $650 but I can't really go lower than that or else I won't hardly have any money to buy my new dress.
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    My impressions:  I think the price is fair.  You need to troll the internet to find a professional pic of the dress so you can post it along with your in real life pics.  It will put the dress in its best light.  Also I think you could get some better quality in real life pics to post.  

    You also have listed, label size 6, street size 10.  That doesn't make sense.  Is it label size 10, street size 6?  Bridal gowns run smaller than street sizes.
    You should also put in a blurb explaining that the dress is NWT, never worn, never altered, etc.  Also maybe list your height so people have a better idea of what the dress would look like on them at the same height or different height.  I think these types of changes to the listing would make potential buyers more confident about the dress.
  • Well the tag says it's a size 6 and I was wearing a size 10 when I bought the dress so that's why I put that. Also, it's listed that it's new with tags and I've specified everywhere else that it's listed that it's never been worn or altered. I stress that its NWT because I feel it's one of the biggest selling points for the dress. I'll try adding the other stuff to se if it helps at all. That link I sent you is just an example and is one of many many many listings I've posted of this dress. It's beautiful and in absolutely brand new and perfect shape so I'm hoping there will be some interest in it.

  • For the sizing, maybe you can list the measurements of the dress because it is confusing,  I've never heard of a bridal gown running 2 sizes large.  Usually it's the opposite.

    If you think the dress is beautiful why not just keep it and wear it?  Are you sure you will find something else you like better for so little money?  Perhaps you could make a few modifications to the dress so you don't feel like it is exactly the same as you bought for the other wedding.
  • There's no way I could wear that dress no matter if it was altered. haha but I've never heard of the size thing either but it's true. I can take pictures of the tags and the size but I'm not sure how to post the size without giving that information.
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