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Hi everyone! I'm getting married next October and am looking for a pretty outdoor space for our ceremony. I really want lots of trees and color. I had my heart set on Van Hoosen farm in Rochester hills but they're booked already. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!,

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    I'd recommend George George Memorial Park in Clinton Township.  We just got married there in September and it's absolutely gorgeous.  I can only imagine the changing leaves in October would make it more so!!  There's a bridal garden you can reserve or a pavilion if you're thinking there might be bad weather.  Here's the link to my sneak peak pictures, so you can get an idea....
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    A friend got married at the Hope Chapel in Shelby Twp.

    Or the Rochester Community House- backs up to the park in Downtown Rochester.  If you just want it for a ceremony, I would think that most parks could accommodate it if you ask.
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    Your pictures are beautiful! I love George George and it is actually down the street from my house. The only problem is they're not currently taking any reservations right now (they're changing the rules or something like that). We can reserve it starting on Jan 1st I believe so I think that's what we're going to try and do :) Hopefully we get there first!

    On a side note, the only thing I'm worried about is the weather...did they have a backup option in case of inclement weather?
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    You should be fine to reserve it in January.  We got engaged in February of '13 and married in September of '13 and were still able to get the date we wanted even when we booked in March/April.  Just reserve it as soon as you possibly can and you should be ok!
    They have a covered pavilion, which is gorgeous, but would only protect you from rain, not wind or cold so much, unfortunately they don't have any indoor options.  If you're getting married in the beginning of October though HOPEFULLY it wouldn't be too cold!
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed! It definitely seems like our best option so I'll be first in line once we can reserve our date ;)
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    We got married at Meadow Brook Estate.  It was outside in the garden and was a beautiful outdoor setting!  My favorite place!
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