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Las Vegas Wedding Photography-NEED HELP



I am getting married at the Flamingo next Sept. I am looking for a photographer that will take our pictures at the Bellagio and possibly another resort. We are getting married at the Flamingo. We would need them for around 3 hours. I am having a hard time finding a good photography who isn't extremely over priced, I am willing to pay for good pictures. I want my pictures to be breath taking.


Please help with recommendations!

Re: Las Vegas Wedding Photography-NEED HELP

  • My recommendation is to find someone local to you.  Have them do your engagements, and then take them with you for your wedding.  They won't have as much of a time constraint (because what else are they going to do) and will probably be much cheaper than someone there.  Plus, then you'll have a chance to get to know them ahead of time.
  • Try posting on the Las Vegas board, they should be able to give you some great suggestions. GL! :)
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  • Margott - As mentioned before, vendors are not allowed.  And disclosing your, that's awfully cheap!  I've never seen a good photographer with all that included that cheap.  You know the saying....if it seems to good to be true....

    Something isn't right.   @KnotPorscha

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