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Co-Worker Invitation Help

I am trying to get together a list of addresses for the guests I'd like to invite. I have a few co workers I'd like to invite. I am getting ready to send out my Save the Dates so, I asked one of my co workers for his address the other day and he was like just give it to me at work. Do you think this is how all of my co workers will feel? Its it okay to get their addresses? This situation with the guy the other day makes me think.. I don't want to creep them out. It's not like I am going to stalk them. I just want to send them the Save the Date, Invite and Thank You cards. HELP! Am I over thinking this?
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Re: Co-Worker Invitation Help

  • I think this is probably less an issue of you "creeping them out" and more of him just trying to save you postage. I would definitely still try to get addresses for every person coming. You never know what the future brings, and you want to make sure that you have an address to sent the invitation and the thank you card to.
  • Just say you are unable to give them out at work as you're not able to invite everyone in the company.

    doeydoBlue_Bird[Deleted User]
  • I gave four STDs out in person.

    1) My roommate, b/c really?

    2) One that got returned to me, and I saw the person a week later and explained that the address they gave me didn't work.

    3) A friend that kept sleeping on random friend's couches for like 2 months, including mine, so he doesn't have an address at the moment.

    4) One co-worker. He asked for it at work b/c he will probably break up with his gf that he lives with before the wedding, and didn't want her to get excited. I understood b/c I do like her, but she will not be invited if they break up. Even since then she has told me how excited she is, so its awkward, but not really my problem.

    So, he may have a reason. Just give it to him at work, and don't flaunt it around. Re ask for the address before you send out invites. 

    It is totally not creepy to ask other invited coworkers for their address. They will know why if you have that pretty ring on your finger!

  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    itzMS said:
    Just say you are unable to give them out at work as you're not able to invite everyone in the company.

    stuck in box. 

  • What kgd7357 said. He may have a good reason. Could be a girl friend he doesn't want to know about it, could be sleeping on someone else's couch and doesn't want you to know about it, could be he wants to save you a stamp.... either way I would just hand it to him (no reason to try and force the address out of him if he avoided it), and I would still ask your other coworkers for theirs.

    Honestly he's probably just a guy who doesn't know or care about the etiquette of mailing invitations. Don't over think it. My fience would say the same thng to a coworker if asked and I am sure he is going to ask why we don't just hand them out to people ourselves.
  • I hand delivered two.  A friend of mine who was in the middle of moving (I gave it to her when she was having dinner at my house), and my mom since I know she wants it as a keepsake and wouldn't want it banged up by the USPS.

    If he doesn't want it mailed that's his choice, but be sure to give it to him in private, it would be incredibly awkward if there were coworkers around you're not inviting.
  • Thank you for all of your help guys. You're AWESOME!


    I will give the one guy his STD like he requested and get the addresses to mail the rest!



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  • still get his address, even if you hand deliver the STD... there are still invites and TK notes that you might have to mail for any number of reasons... what if he goes on medical before the invites or gets a promotion or you get in a rush and decide to just address them in mass and drop them in the mail box.  You don't know what is going to happen in 10 months.
  • Absolutely. I will definitely get his address because like you said. Anything can happen!
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