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Rehearsal Challenges

We've been trying to plan our rehearsal, and it is a nightmare! We were hoping to do it in the week leading up to the ceremony, but not on the Friday, since we were planning on setting up the hall that night. So we ask the BP and our parents if either the Thursday or the Wednesday work for them. Everyone can make one of those nights work, so I ask our pastor, and he is out of town the Thursday and teaching a class on the Wednesday. So we try for the Monday or the Tuesday. The Tuesday works for everyone, except for of my sis 2 boys, who are in the wedding and should be there. Monday works for everyone, since it's a holiday, but the person at the church ho would open it up for us is not available. So now, it's either we do it the Friday evening, and set up the hall during the day on Friday, or we choose a date that not everyone can come. This has been my stress of the last couple of weeks. Hope we get it sorted out soon.


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Re: Rehearsal Challenges

  • @flutterfly88 I hope it works out and it sounds like Friday will probably be the best bet. It's kinda hard to breakaway during the work week for people :/
  • Hope it works out. 

    If it helps you feel less alone - My officiant (Rabbi) doesn't do rehearsals, so he won't be there. 

    One of my BM won't be there and one of the GM won't be there. 

    My brother (who is doing a reading) won't be there. 

    You may not need your pastor there - they know what they're supposed to say - the rehearsal is for you to know where to go and who enters when... 

  • Thats tough. I would just set a time and say " The rehearsal is X at B time, please attend " and if they dont, then have someone else on your big day explain what to do because im sure you will not have time to do so! 
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  • For my sister's wedding rehearsal, 2 of the groomsmen and 1 bridesmaid couldn't make it and it was all just fine. I am sure either way, everything will work out :)
  • We just have to confirm with the hall and church that our plan will work, and then we will have it set! We will decorate the hall earlier in the day on Friday, and then do the rehearsal and dinner later on in the evening, we also just need to confirm w/FI brother what time he gets home before we decide on a time, but at least now we have a plan. Our plan also means we have 4 additional people to feed as FI parents are having some family stay with them, but I like FI's uncle and it'll be nice to meet some of his family before the wedding. :)


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  • I am also getting married by a Rabbi on a Saturday night and there won't be a full rehearsal.  Before the wedding he will go over where he wants everyone to stand.
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