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White and Red - Groomsmen Attire / Colors

Hello everyone! 

So, next year my fiancé and I will be having a late-afternoon-to-evening summer wedding in a beautiful outdoor garden area (tons of flowers, green grass and trees!). She's already picked her dress (I attached a picture here - it's the white dress minus the shoulder straps with a red sash around her waist), but haven't yet figured out what we want myself (the groom) and our groomsmen to wear. Our bridesmaids will most likely be in matching red dresses similar to the second photo attached below, except (most likely) without the white sashes around their wast. We both LOVE the color red, and want it to be one of our theme colors (paired with white, and possibly black). 

However, we're not sure what to have myself and the groomsmen wear. Since she's wearing a touch of red (the sash) we want me to have some kind of red too so that we both match and look like we belong together! We also want something to clearly set me apart from the groomsmen who will be somehow matching the bridesmaids - but even on how to match them we're kind of stumped! We're leaning toward more of a formal event, and are open to either black or white suits / tuxedos, but I'm not sure how well I'd look in white as I have more of a pale complexion already. I've taken a liking to the La Strada style suit in the third image, but even on that we're not sure how well it would look.

Anyway, we're both very new to this, and kind of stumped, so any help you can offer would be very appreciated! (And we're super open to any ideas, even if it's something we haven't thought of, or involves revamping our whole idea!) Thanks so much everyone!

All the best,

Re: White and Red - Groomsmen Attire / Colors

  • Well, as the groom, you certainly may choose to wear whatever you like so long as you match your bride in formality.

    I'm not sure how old you are, but in my circle of late-twentysomethings, vests that match the bridesmaids are considered out of style and better seen at the junior prom.

    Simple black or grey suits are always going to be in style. White shirts with ties in shades of red would be great. You can have a bold red boutonniere and white bouts for your groomsmen (or vice versa).

    You could also accessorize with pocket squares.
  • I agree with @itzMS. I'm not a fan of colored vests. It's just not as mature of a look.

    I would go with black or charcoal grey suits with the GMs in red ties and you in a white/ivory tie. I'd have red boutonnieres for everyone. Kind of like this (without the vests):


  • Your groomsmen could be in all black suits/tuxes with a red tie and you with a white tie.  All of you could do red boutonnieres if you want.  
    Or, normal looking tuxes with just red boutonnieres.  Yours could be a bit larger if you want to stand out a bit.  Example:
    Or as southernbelle0915 suggested, red ties with a normal looking tux or suit for the GMs and white or black tie for yourself.
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