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My big fat vent

We still have three four people who are up in the air.   They are all guests of people who are actually invited and are for sure coming.    I have to give a final headcount to the venue this afternoon.   I have to deliver everything there in the morning.  This means I have to determine if we're doing seating chart A  or seating chart B, which is 100% contingent on these people who may or may not come so I can finish the one thing I have left.  We are more than two weeks past the RSVP deadline.   How freaking hard is this?  Either someone is coming with you, or they are not.

How do I make it clear to these people, without being rude, that they need to give us a freaking final answer?!


Re: My big fat vent

  • Tell them if you don't hear from them by 3pm, they will not have a seat or food to eat.
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  • On the plus side, at least they aren't adding lots of guests last minute?
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  • We called all our guests that were up in the air and let them know we needed to give our final guest counts for rentals, food, etc. All of them gave us direct answers at that point. 
  • Well at least we have a head count now.  Now hopefully FI can find out who is coming with his friends so I don't have to refer to them as "Bob's guest" on the seating chart.
  • Good!! As far as guest name we nudged them and said the venue needed a guest list.
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    I have the same problem. The deadline is past and there are still people I havent heard from... I hated to be blunt but i just said basically if they didnt RSVP, there may not be enough food for them, especially since im not even sure if ill have enough food to begin with! (DIYing the food part but on a shoestring budget)
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