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Dear Amy: I recently found out that my employer's wife thinks we are having an affair. My boss and I have known each other for 25 years, both as friends and co-workers. We are quite close and I consider him a "brother" type figure.

My husband and I ran into this couple, and I was shocked when the wife shot me a dirty look. I asked my boss about it the next day, and he told me straight out that she is accusing us of fooling around (with no basis for her suspicions). I told my husband immediately, and he trusts that nothing is going on.

The company we work for is very small. As a company we have all traveled and socialized together (including spouses). We will have a company holiday party/dinner, and I've told my husband I'm not interested in going.

I'm furious with her for accusing me of something so serious. I consider my marriage vows important. I worry I will feel uncomfortable all evening in such a small group of people.

My husband and my sister both say I should go because I've done nothing wrong, but how do I handle myself appropriately when there are so few people present — and only three other women to talk to (her being one of them)? — Tick

wwyd? 30 votes

call the wife before the party to clear the air
16% 5 votes
call the wife before the party to set a date and time to fight in the work parking lot
0% 0 votes
say nothing, but change email signature to "i am not a whore"
3% 1 vote
go to the party alone
0% 0 votes
go to the party with your husband
73% 22 votes
go to the party with your husband, but dress like Miley and twerk on the boss all night
6% 2 votes
quit job, move cross country, start life anew
0% 0 votes

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