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Confession Thursdays!

Confessions go here!!!!  (posting it early since I will be trick or treating tomorrow!!!!)
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Re: Confession Thursdays!

  • I confess  I am not stressed for once in the first few month! 
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  • I'm at work and dreadfullly don't feel like being here!!!!!!!!!!!  There are so many more fun things I could be doing with my time...
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  • I'm getting excited about going to the FSU-Miami game this weekend. It's become an annual trip with my cousin and I confess that I was initially kind of dreading the drive and being out of town yet another weekend (story of my life this fall) but he and I have a special bond and always have such a great time. Plus it's the last year before he goes away to college! I snagged us some great tickets and I'm excited to share the news with him :)
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