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Barn/Ranch Wedding-San Diego, CA

Hello! I am on the hunt for the perfect barn or ranch to host my wedding for next Fall 2014. I have searched and searched and still can't seem to find the right venue with the right price. Our wedding budget is 15k so I am looking to find a venue reasonably priced at around 5k or under. I want it to be a location with a lot of nature and openness. Please help me make my rustic vintage chick barn/ranch wedding come to life!

Re: Barn/Ranch Wedding-San Diego, CA

  • Try your local board for this one.
    A third of your budget sounds pretty high for a venue. What all are you wanting the space to include?
  • I know, 5k does sound like a lot for what we are working with, but I have come to terms that these type of venues in San Diego aren't cheap! I would love it to be an outdoor ceremony with the reception inside the barn. Unhonestly I don't need the venue to come with much. Outside caterers and bartenders is a must, and preferably with tables, chairs, lights, dance floor, restrooms. Other than that, our wedding is going to be a lot of DIY!
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