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Working out the day of the wedding- should I or should I not?

Hi! I am nine days away from the big day. I was thinking of  going to one of my favorite classes the morning of the wedding- Barre3 (it's a mix of Pilates and ballet moves) with my three sisters.  
One of my sisters suggested that this could actually make me bloated and such. 

I workout (even if its a light workout)  daily. What do you think?  
Thank you! 

Re: Working out the day of the wedding- should I or should I not?

  • I think your wedding day is one day where it is okay to skip the gym.

    Get a good nights sleep, relax and enjoy being pampered and getting ready.

  • If this is what you want to do and it's something that relaxes you and would make you feel good on your wedding morning, then why not do it?

    If you are doing it because you are worried that you are going to miss out on 1 day of a workout because you work out every single day, I really don't think taking one day off for your wedding is going to kill your fitness levels.

    Regarding the bloating, ask the person who runs the class next time you go (if you have a class before the wedding) if this can happen. Then that question is answered.

    Good luck for your wedding!!
  • I agree about asking the instructor what they think about the bloating.  Have you ever noticed it before? 

    If you don't have to worry about the bloating, I say would do what you feel like.  I think I might workout the morning of because I always feel better after a work out.  Gives me that extra boost of confidence!  
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  • Working out does not make you bloated.  Unless you're guzzling water or something crazy like that.  Being bloated is largely driven by what you EAT/DRINK, not what you do (though it can be driven by what you DON'T do-for me, working out makes me feel LESS bloated).
  • I went for a short-ish (3 mile) hike my wedding morning because I felt like I was going crazy and I knew this would help me become more normal.

    If getting exercise relaxes/calms you and makes you happy, I would go! You said it was one of your favorite classes, so this sounds good to me.  I would not try something new that day, though. You wouldn't want to end up exhausted or having stiff muscles.
  • If it would relax you, go for it.  Maybe a light walk/run.   I wouldn't do anything really heavy for fear of being sore.
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    Working out will not make you bloated (where did that come from!?!?). 

    I agree with freebread- I feel less bloated after I exercise. 

    If you have the time and you WANT to do it, go for it. If you want to enjoy the day resting up, getting pampered, then do that. 
  • Thank you ladies!!!!! 
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    I am thinking about taking a shortish (maybe 2 miles) run in the morning. It will help relax me, boost my energy and I'll probably feel better. 

    I wouldn't feel bad about not working out though but want to do it to kinda help energize me and work off some stress/anxiety. So I think it's up to you but don't feel bad if you don't want to.
  • If working out is part of your routing and will help you relax, then go for it!  I've taken the barre classes and they make me super sore for a couple of days after, so that might not be my first choice.  But if your body is used to it then bring it on.  It will give you a good excuse to get a nice massage on your honeymoon!
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  • I take barre classes too!  Physique57 in NYC, although right now just DVDs because the classes aren't in my budget.  I feel amazing after P57 and barre definitely does not make you bloated.  If it makes you feel good and centered, do it!

    One consideration though.  As PP mentioned, if you tend to get sore the day after, it might not be the best idea.  Or you might want to take it easy.
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