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I am having a full catholic mass. I am wondering about what we need to do for music. Did anyone who had the full catholic mass have and additional music? Singer? violinists? Who does all the singing in church? Can anyone recommend a singer? I looked on the rec. vendor list and didn't see any.



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    My friends wedding has the church organist play special music for their procession.  There was a singer who sung a song they picked out to coordinate with the wedding and the theme of mass.  Her singer was a bridesmaid.  This would be a special and honorable task for anyone in your or his family if you would ask them to do this in lieu of hiring someone. 

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    I'll sing Nic! Ed will do backup
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    We had to meet with the music directory at our church and he helped us pick the music. He also contacted the soloist and we wanted a flutist, so he contacted someone to do that as well. So maybe you can set up a time to meet with the mucis director at the church where you are getting married?

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    @ eddie-- not a chance

    @dbpsu--thanks i'll look into that. I'm not too confidant in our music ppl at our church so I was hoping to hire someone
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       I've sung at several weddings and have been a cantor for 15 years. Depending on the church, the music director should have all the information and contacts. My director provides a list of appropriate songs, and a CD full of samples. He plans for music 30 minutes before the ceremony. It all depends on the guests, though. If no one is in the church until 15 minutes before the ceremony starts, then he will play 15 minutes worth of music. I personally have three vocal selections and three instrumental selections picked for before the Mass.
      The music director should have a recommendation on a cantor. You don't need a violinist, flutist, ect. but if you do want one, you should let the director know sooner rather than later so they can be booked. Some of the music selections are optional, like their could be a song or music while the mothers are seated, the unity candle is lit, or you take flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, but all of these are optional.
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    teryan-- I'm just a little worried about my church. Everyone they use for cantors are volunteers and usually not very good. I'm hoping that wont be the case for the music director's recs!

    thanks for the input!
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    Ha! I hear ya. More and more churches are disallowing couples from bringing in other singers, mostly because, well, that's how cantors make money, and some people they bring in want to "perform" when they are supposed to "lead" the congregation. My music director had a singer who introduced herself by saying, "My name is so-and-so, and you WILL follow ME!"
     Not to mention, the day is about YOU! What part of the city is your wedding? I know some people who are good singers, perhaps I could suggest someone.
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