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I'm not really feeling this season.  I haven't watched last night's yet and I'm in no real hurry to do so.  I think I'm 2 episodes behind now and I don't really care.

DH and I were talking last night, trying to figure out why.  I can't put my finger on it yet.

So, chat away, don't worry about spoilers for me.  :)

Re: AHS Watchers

  •  I haven't watched yet...but that is how I felt about LAST season.  *yawn*
  • I haven't watched last night's yet.  Last week was the most exciting episode of the season, IMO, but only because things were FINALLY starting to happen.

    I am also not all that into it, probably less than last season.  But I'll keep watching (and keep my complaining to a minimum).

    I also don't mind spoilers for this show.

  • I admit to flipping between AHS and Hoarders last night.


    I think I fall in your camp on this one too. I watched, but it hasn't grabbed me yet. I like watching for places that I know in the city.

  • DH and I thought it might be 2 things:

    There isn't really an identifiable story yet.  I mean, first season was the family and mainly the wife, 2nd season was really Lana Banana and Jessica Lange's character (blanking on the name).  This season feels very all over the place in terms of story so far.

    There isn't one actual place.  There's no Murder House and no Asylum.  NOLA is a great location and all, but I don't feel like it's the story of a really specific place anymore.  And I think I miss that.
  • The story is starting to take shape as of last night. 

    VooDoo Magic versus Salem Magic. Throw in a little internal Salem Magic implosion and it's getting good.
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