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Are plastic chargers tacky?

For our reception our caterer is providing white china for our dinner. I recently found some really cute gold chargers that I think would look really pretty with my decor, the only catch is that the chargers aren't china they're plastic (polypropylene). Is it bad to use plastic? Our wedding/reception is semi-formal and the chargers really do look nice, I'm just worried that this is some type of faux pas. Please let me know what you think!!

Re: Are plastic chargers tacky?

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    I think if they look really nice then you already have your answer. This is a personal call. I would not spend the extra money, but that's up to you too :)
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    I've looked at chargers for my reception and even at the rental places, almost all of the chargers are acrylic. I had really wanted metal, but unless I order them from somewhere online I haven't been able to find them. That just seems to be what is being used now. I don't think it will look tacky at all. Most people probably won't even think about them or notice what they are made out of.
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    I don't think it's tacky...I just don't find chargers necessary in general.
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    To me, chargers are one of those things that exist only at weddings and are totally and completely unnecessary. Like chair covers. And decorated, customized dress hangers.

    But, if you think they look nice and they fit in your budget, then go for it. I don't think plastic chargers with china is a faux pas.
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    If I was having nice china, I wouldn't have plastic chargers.  Especially when chargers are not required.
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    Although chargers are not required, if you want them, go for it!

    Went to a wedding this spring and they had gold plastic chargers- looked fine to me! 
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