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Has anyone used a photo-booth at their wedding? If so is it worth the price of it?


  • I looked into it some. My venue's partner vendor wanted $800 for a normal party but $2,000 for a wedding lasting the same amount of time. I don't really think that's reasonable, but I haven't completely ruled it out yet.
    My brother LOVES summer theater-type stuff and won't be a groomsman, so he's on board with the idea of having me buy a camera and a few props during holiday sales and letting him go nuts with posing and shooting for an hour or two. It would let us put a little money toward his college, too, instead of a random vendor.
  • I had one. I loved it and so did my guests. It was well worth the money. GL!
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  • We are having one... I got several quotes and used them again each other to get best pricing, and refund policies.  We are paying $650 for ours, 4 hours and it will triple for us, using it as our guest book(duplicate prints), favor for them, and our keepsake :)  Ive been to several weddings with them, and its GREAT!!
  • I love the photo booth idea, but it isn't in our budget, so we are DIYing it. Just a cardboard cutout frame, all painted up and decorated, hanging by fishing line with props from the dollar store and party city. We will be using a digital camera and the MOG is bringing her photo printer. We wont be able to print them out immediately, but about 30 minutes before the reception ends we will print them all and display them (on what used to be the place card table) so people can take the ones they want. Not necessarily the most "ideal" way, but we will make it work! :)
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