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Indoor formal picture location in Providence

Help! Getting married next week on November 9 and I need an indoor location for our formals in the event the weather is crappy. I refuse to pay 350 for the state house, the prov library and all hotels have events going on so they won't allow us in. I have run out of ideas. Hoping to find a location tat does not charge.

Re: Indoor formal picture location in Providence

  • How about:
    •  the Botanical Gardens in Roger Williams?  I think they do charge a very small fee, but it's pretty nominal. 
    • Skybridge between Providence Place and the hotel?
    •  Slater Park Mill has indoor space, but I'm not sure about their costs.  
    • Providence Performing Arts-it's beautiful inside but they might have a show.
    • Museums- RISD? 
    • The Providence Athenaeum Library?
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