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shift work feeling frustrated

im an RN and i have possibly one of the worst scheduled ive heard of... basically i work days and nights rotating.. however i dont have a set schedule i can be scheduled to work a tues- wed night then be on thursday during the day. Because of this my eating habits and work out habits are all over the place sometimes i can work out 4-5 days a week other times im so sleep deprived i can barely make it through a work out without wanting to collapse. Also i pick up a ton of overtime to try and save money for this whole getting married thing. i want to look good for my wedding and am not so focused on what i weigh but if i lost 10 lbs that would be great. im trying to decide whether to go back to weight watchers which ive done before or just keep doing things on my own. just feeling frustated and could use some tips tricks??

Re: shift work feeling frustrated

  • Have you tried logging your food?  A lot of people on here use My Fitness Pal and it's free! 

    Also, a friend of mine just started using T25 (I think there is a post on here about it), they are 25 minute workouts, that might be good since it sounds like some days you are short on time.  

    My mom is a personal trainer, she always tells me to 'honor my body', it's okay to skip a workout if you are tired!  Getting enough sleep is also important to weight loss.  I used to beat myself up if I missed work out.  Now I just try to track my food better those days.  

    How soon is your wedding?  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • ive tried my fitness pal the calorie counting just doesnt do it for me thats why i was thinking about doing weight watchers again i like their tracking alot better since it takes proteins carbs and all that \. my wedding is a year and 4 months away so i def have time.
  • I have a similar issue with constantly rotating shifts. Regardless of what hours I work, I just try to do fasted cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and weights after work. I am really tired a lot of the time, especially right after my shift is interrupted, but it's a necessity with my job for the next three months. I cannot wait to get on a normal shift!

    Good luck!
  • I honestly think food is a much bigger impact than working out. If weight watchers works for you then I would say try that again. Workout when you can. Adding in some heavier weight training really helped me see some good results. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred is great because the work out is only 20 minutes!
  • Oh and I have lost about 35lbs on South Beach Diet. I love it! 
  • I so feel your pain! I'm the same way.  I do great on my day shifts...then my nights I have a very hard time going to the gym even 4 days a week.  I've been doing my fitness pal.  I bring every meal I have and don't buy food in the cafe.  I just make sure I go to the gym prior to my nights and the days in between.  I can never go to the gym on the day I come home from the night shift.  I tried to once and thought I was going to pass out.  Tonight I am going in and made a huge pot of turkey chili about 185 cals per 3/4c.  Its filled with beans, meat, usually fills me up pretty significantly.  With me regardless if I'm nauseated or not I make sure I eat consistently through out the night.  Just try to bring tons of low calorie foods and have tons of snack.  I am working 4, 12 hour night shifts (week 1 of my 3 weeks of nights), I went to the gym sun, mon, today, and then will go thurs and that will be it for the week.  I just know I have a goal and i'm trying to get there!  Tons of people bring in food, but with flu season I have good willpower to say no :)
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