November 2013 Weddings

FI's brother....

Hasn't RSVP'd (now beyond a week overdue). FI talked to his parents, and they said that they weren't sure if FBIL was going to come, but probably not.

We knew this going in - he's a civilian who works for the Dept of Defense in FI's home state (many hours away) and has to be on-call most weekends.... but I still want to know for sure. 

FI won't call his brother... or even email him (and I don't have that contact information). He says that since he didn't RSVP he's not coming - and since my future inlaws didn't think he'd be coming, that he's probably not. They're both adults. FI is 31. His brother is almost 42.  I can't make either of them do anything that they don't want to do (even if it's just PICKING UP THE DAMNED PHONE). 

This gives me a little case of the sads. So few people are coming just for FI (16 people of our 105 guest list), and I wish FBIL would come, too

FBIL's 14 y.o. daughter is coming though, so that's awesome (FBIL is long-divorced, future niece lives with her mom, but sees her dad every other weekend. She'll be coming up with FI's parents). 

Re: FI's brother....

  • ....part of me wants to text FI's niece (we text one another every so often) and ask her: "Do you know if your dad is coming up?"
  • :( Aww I'm sorry. We had a few people on FI's side that didn't RSVP but FMIL and FFIL were pretty sure they were not coming. We left it and I think it's probably going to be fine because I don't think they will come. 
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