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xp: Opinions wanted (Dress pics)

So a while back I think I mentioned that I got this great lace jacket - that was black. I think I've decided to just wear it for the reception (so I don't feel so exposed), but do we think I still need to get something for more coverage during the ceremony? (it's not required for religious reasons or anything, just trying to decide if my arms are OK as is... I think the rest of me is fine (gorgeous even) in my dress, but my upper arms? not so much... 

I could also rock the black jacket for the ceremony if I wanted/needed to.... 

Three photos: Dress from the front w/ veil, dress from the back with the veil, and dress with black lace jacket. 

Re: xp: Opinions wanted (Dress pics)

  • I personally like it without the jacket for the ceremony, it will give a nice contrast. I think you look great! Also I LOVE your veil! 

    I would say to with what you feel most comfortable with but I think you look great!
  • My solicited opinion is that you look great without the jacket. The veil is pretty. The jacket takes away from your look. I wouldn't wear the jacket at all.
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  • I love the dress and veil. I think jacket takes away from the dress. I would say go with a simple shrug.

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  • @mrspizanotobe - internet purchase for the win! 

    @iloveshanej - that's what I wanted initially, but I've seriously disliked every shrug I've seen/tried on. 
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