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Really Short Ceremony - Worth adding anything else?

I'm a little worried that our ceremony is too short. We are just saying vows, exchanging rings, kiss, done. I estimate this to be about 10 minutes max. At first I didn't think this was a problem, since we were going to do the ceremony at the reception site. However, that may be changing due to our officiant (FFIL) having to do the ceremony in DC (venue is in VA). If we go with the ceremony site we are thinking of, the drive from the hotel and back to the reception will be about 20 minutes each way. While that drive isn't too long, I don't want to leave guests with the feeling of why did we just spend 40 total minutes in the car for an 8 minute ceremony.

Has anyone else had super short ceremonies like this? Do you wish you added anything else?

I don't want to add random readings that don't mean anything to us. Any ideas for ways to enhance a really simple ceremony without it seeming like we just tossed some stuff in for padding?

I'm thinking of doing this wine/love letter box ceremony (, as we love wine and do actually write love letters to each other. Has anyone done this or seen this? Did you think it was sweet or cheesy?

Re: Really Short Ceremony - Worth adding anything else?

  • You can do a receiving line there. Also, remember, you guests will have been sitting for awhile before you start. Are you at all religious?
  • I'm Jewish, he's Catholic. Both our moms are Catholic, his dad is Methodist, my dad is Jewish. We are all kinda religious. B/c of the mish mosh we decided to leave religion out of the ceremony. I think his mom would have liked the Catholic wedding, but it just wasn't our style, and a lot of work for me. We are doing the Hora at the reception though!
  • You can add musical selections.
  • I don;t think there's anything wrong with a short, to the point ceremony.  As PPs said, you can have a receiving line afterwards, include a reading (it could be anything, if you find something both of you like), or whatever.  The wine/love letter thing is cute, or you could do other sorts of "ceremonies". 
  • We had three readings (one from Plato, another a poem a friend chose and the last a religious [Buddhist] one to close out the ceremony), and it helped make our ceremony a little longer. I think we took about 30 minutes all together.

    Regardless, I don't think people are going to be upset about a 20 minute drive to get there for a short ceremony. I make a 20 minute drive to work every day and it's nbd.

  • Do a receiving line and maybe have a table of soft drinks?
  • We did a wine ceremony and it was beautiful. We didn't do the love letter/wine box thing - we took 2 red wines and poured a bit into one glass to share. I've heard of the wine box and think it's lovely.
  • I agree with PPs - is there a reading (or two) or a song (or two) that speak to your heart? Is there another symbolic type of "ceremony" that you find meaningful? If not, it's fine the way it is, but if you stumble across something that truly speaks to your and FIs personalities, then don't be afraid to add it in.
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