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One year left, where are you with planning?

So we all have less than 365 days before we say "I Do" where is everyone with the planning?

I have all my major vendors, except for a florist. I have met with 3 and am waiting on the last quote. I never realized how expensive flowers were!

I am starting to mess around with centerpiece ideas. Our venue provides floral arrangements that are on pedistals. I dont know how I feel about them all being so high. A few people at our wedding will be using ASL (sign language), so I think I might use floating candles in bowls on half the tables.Who knows I might change my mind like I did with my invitations. 

I was originally going to DIY the invitations, but after seeing how time consuming addressing and stuffing the STDs was, I am seriously reconsidering. I work at least  48 hours a week and barely have time as it is. I think I might use American Wedding. I am waiting on a few samples. 

We just booked our Honeymoon to Sandals Halcyon in St Lucia. That was our last big Team BJ accomplishment. I don't think we have anything that needs to get done until late December when one of the BMs will be home from graduate school and we can go looking at BM dresses. 

Re: One year left, where are you with planning?

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    I'm getting married October 26, 2014! 

    So far I have the venue (ceremony and reception at the same place), my dress (ordered), DJ, baker, hotel blocks, photography, and videography. We know what cake design and flavors we want with the baker already, so it's all on them to just bake it when the time comes now. :)

    The florist and the rabbi are booked but we haven't gone more past the "hi, we really like you and want to use you for our wedding; here's a deposit and signed contract!" stage.

    I have the bridesmaids dresses picked out but haven't ordered them yet.

    The FI and I decided that we don't want to say our own vows and we're having a traditional Jewish wedding, so basically we know exactly what we're doing and what we need for the ceremony (chuppah, ketubah, 2 kiddush cups, etc) so we need to order/buy those items at some point.

    We know what we want to do for the HM (ski resort in canada for a week in december 2014) and are planning it but haven't booked anything yet. 

    Meeting a stationary person on Wednesday for the invitation suite. Save the dates were sent last week. (Newport, RI is a huge resort city and October is still a busy month for weddings, hotels, etc)

    Decided on items for the welcome bags, but won't order them until a couple months before the wedding.

    If we weren't in the middle of buying a new condo (and selling our current one) right now, I probably would have more done, but the last couple weeks have been crazy between getting everything we need for for mortgage application for the new place and cleaning and putting half our stuff into storage so I can stage our current place nicely for the open houses we're going to have over the next couple weekends!

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    Having a little panic attack now...all I've done is set up a tour at a venue (but we're getting married in FI's hometown, which we won't visit until Thanksgiving, and I'll only be there for a few days).
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    We're 10.18.14!

    So far we have the venue, DJ, florist, cake lady, and the photographer should have her deposit within a few weeks. I'm going wedding dress shopping with my mom and possible FMIL this weekend, so excited! Our next big thing is an officiant -- I'm thinking of just calling a local JP and calling it a day, easy peasy :)


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    jaz3088jaz3088 member
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    Our date is 10.11.14 :) 

    So far we have our venue (ceremony and reception at the same place), Photo & Video, Florist, DJ, Officiant, My dress is ordered, BM dresses are picked but not ordered yet, Invites are in the process of being picked, our save the dates will be going out in the next couple weeks, Ceremony musician is picked and hired a DOC and I think that's it for now, so much more to do......
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    We're getting married October 18th, 2014..so far I have the engagement photos done, venue picked, cake person reserved, DJ, string quartet, hotel reservations, photographer booked, appt. with the flourist made, weddding invites picked....and I found my dress! YAY! It still seems like there is so much to do!

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    We are getting married Oct 4th and we have the venue booked, engagement pictures done, wedding dress purchased, and we have asked all of our wedding party. 

    I don't really need to pick out bridesmaid dresses, I gave all of the bridesmaids a paint sample card of a color I like, and told them they can find whatever dress they want.  It's a dark red and I'm not picky about the exact shade or material, so that should be easy to find with the holidays coming up. 
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    10/18/14 as well. we have booked the venue, the photog and met with our caterer (does not require deposit). I have started my centerpieces. I have spoken with my cake vendor and my FI has spoken with our DJ just need to make deposits. My dress is ordered and delivered (needs to be altered). I need to order our invite suite and our guest book. BM gifts are bought, but we need to go shopping for BM dresses still. I will be scheduling my hair appts for the next year in December when I see my stylist again.

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    So far, we have our dj, reception hall, my cousin is my photographer, caterer, and my mom's friend is doing my flowers.  My aunt is doing all of our cookies, and my other aunt has all of my centerpieces done already.  Next week, we are meeting with a baker for our cake.  I've been looking at dresses, but am going to go in the next couple weeks to start trying on and all that good stuff.  We know the church also, just need to get together with the preacher...we were supposed to meet Friday, but something came up and he had to cancel, so hopefully within the next few days we can get together with him.  Oh and I have the save the dates and invites picked out also.  I hope I'm not forgetting anything...


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    we have talked a lot of theory...and are starting to put things into action.

    We are getting married in our backyard, so Jason has contracted the landscapers and the work begins this Friday.  My dress is bought, I have picked out my flower girls (my daughter's) dresses, contracted the florist, cake, ceremony musician, officiant, and designed the invitations.  We have decided on our party favour as well as it's something very unique to us and our lifestyle.

    Lots of other things in the works, but those are the firm plans at this point :)
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    Booked reception hall/ caterer, DJ, and photographer.

    Wow, I'm behind!!!
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    Ok....I am feeling really behind! I have booked the venue. That's about it! In my defense, I only got engaged on 10/16/2013....
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    Our wedding is 10.11.14 and so far we have:

    Reception Venue (includes catering & cake)
    STD's are ordered but not sent
    Hotel Block (well...that's most of the way taken care of)

    We still need limos, invitations, and to ask/dress our bridal party.  I also still need to take care of my dress, hair, make-up, accessories, etc.  I know I'm not really behind, but I feel behind!
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    I am so relieved to see that you ladies have just as much done as i do. We are getting married on             10-25-14. Everyone thinks im crazy for booking the venue, photographer, videographer and dj already. I went last week and 99% sure of the my dress. Some of the BM's already picked theirs out. I already contacted hotels for a block. Its amazing to see how fast vendors book up so far out. The next thing is deciding on a HM..

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    Lowell14Lowell14 member
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    Have my dress
    the venue,
    Hotel block,
    Hair and MUA booked
    My wedding band
    my BM gift.
    Need to start looking at the menu. My MOH will buy a dress in Australia in spring. Think I'm done for a while :)

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    @Nik1319 I was too afraid that the vendors I wanted to use would be booked already, so we started booking as early as we could.  Better to be safe and do it early, than wait and not be able to get them :o)


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    @KristiNick2013- that was my thinking to. We actually wanted to get married in september, early october but all the venues we liked were booked already.. We actually got the last day in October.. Its so nice knowing most of that stuff it done.. :)
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    We have booked
    photographer, have e-pics done
    officiant-family friend

    Started working on DIY centerpieces

    In talks with
    Day of Coordinator

    My dress has been ordered!!


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    Kerigirl9Kerigirl9 member
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    Wedding is October 4th... Done: Venue/Ceremony Location; Florist; DJ; Decor designed; Menu selected; Dress purchased; Centerpieces; Custom linens; Bridesmaids gifts; Specialty vases; Hair/makeup; Cake; Bridesmaids accessories; Still to do: Officiant; Photographer; Save the Dates; Invitations; Bridesmaids dresses (picked but not ordered); Flower girl dress (picked but not ordered); My accessories
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    I have nothing done. I am considering changing my date up to April. Due to that, I haven't done a thing. I better get to work. 
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    Wow, I'm feeling stressed now reading all of this! Some of my friends have been acting like I'm crazy doing everything so far in advance, but it seems like I'm running behind based on what everyone is saying on here! My date is 10/18/14, and so far I have venue booked, officiant, dress ordered, dj booked, photographer booked, party bus, bridesmaid gifts, and all of my glass jars for my candy bar! I haven't done anything as far as std's. 
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    OMG!!!! Panic attack here too.. I just got engaged november 24th and wedding will be October 25th 2014.. I only have the venue  =o!!

    I feel so stress and confused.. NEED HELP!
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    @dianablabla Take a deep breath! Its ok...first things first....CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

    Take it slow. You have the venue which means you have the date. Now just look at officiants/photographers/DJs. Look at their work online, pick your top three and meet with them. It will all fall into place. Promise! 
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    My wedding date is October 26, 2014.

    I have a dress picked out (but not purchased), I have the invitations ready to be printed & sent out, I have a venue and ceremony location set (venue location is free, ceremony location is pay when you go), but that's all I have. I'm stuck on what to plan next.
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    Exactly 10 months left! The past 2 months have flown by! I hope planning is going well for everyone. Happy holidays!
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    Planning has been stressful but fun.  I have the venue, still trying to get a caterer and photographer (I should be close to signing contracts soon though).  I have my dress, bridesmaids have their dresses too.  Now it is on to decorations and wedding cake.
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    Today we went to try BM dresses on. They found a dress they can all agree on. Its now up to them to order them at their convenience (by May though to make sure they come in with enough time.) Another huge check off the list.

    Oh and I found and purchased my wedding shoes! They wont be in until march though. I suck at walking in heels so they will be worn for the Ceremony and the first dance. (I will have a comfy pair of sandals nearby for whenever my feet start hurting.)
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