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Anyone know of a venue that allows an after-party until 2am or later?

Does anyone know of any wedding venues where we can have a reception/after-party until after 2am or later?  My fiance is French and all of his family and friends are coming in from France and weddings there last until around 5am.  We are having a seriously hard time finding venues that you can stay until even 2am!   Does anyone know of any or have any ideas for the greater San Diego region? 

Thanks for the help!!

Re: Anyone know of a venue that allows an after-party until 2am or later?

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    I'm not sure if San Diego is the right city for your party. Are you serving alcohol? Venues cannot sell alcohol after 2 am here.
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    Try some private Estates, often you can rent the venue for the whole night, just be sure there are no noise restrictions. 
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    You have to look into city and county codes to see if events can last that long.  Some places have noise ordinances and other policies that will hinder your planning.  My wedding just got moved up an hour because of a law that got passed after I booked in Riverside County.
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    San Diego is really regulated regarding this topic.. if i were you i'd get a beach house that will let you have your reception there as well as stay the night.. i know of three of them- nice ones.. if you want the info, just hit me up. Congrats!
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