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Reception color scheme using Royal blue?

I am looking for ideas that use the color scheme that most consider "peacock" … Royal blue, teal, green, etc … but I do not want to involve peacock FEATHERS! I am also afraid of it coming to look like Mardi Gras as well. 
We are doing the wedding on the beach, in Connecticut (in May). I am trying to work with the venue I have selected - it was my favorite, the only down fall is that the curtains/carpeting inside are royal blue. 
Originally I wanted to use the colors mint and salmon pink - but this is no longer an option because I really want to use this venue, so need to work with the Royal blue. 
I am looking for general decoration ideas - as well as centerpieces, etc. 
Any ideas / pictures would be appreciated!! 

Re: Reception color scheme using Royal blue?

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    Keep in mind that you don't need to exactly match the royal blue, just don't clash with it. Just like getting dressed. Your skirt may be dark blue, but your sweater and scarf need not (probably should not) be. You're smart not to ignore the venue colors, I've seen that happen too many times, and it's a visual disaster. This is a beautiful beach themed wedding cake- it has pretty blues, as well as the softer colors you originally wanted. I love the color palette of this. I think you could absolutely use softer colors, as long as you include a blue that is a softer, lighter shade of the royal. They wouldn't clash with a darker blue background. (Edit: on my pc screen, this cake looked more blue than lavender- on my iPad, it looks much less blue, but I think the color palette of softening the blue works.)
  • Aside from being possibly the cutest frikking photobooth backdrop I've ever seen, the colors in this show the dark blue, along with the softer colors you originally wanted.
  • I think you could still use the mint and salmon with the royal blue. Perhaps go to a fabric store that has various colours of ribbons or fabric and put together some swatches of the colours you'd like, take them home and see what you think after a couple of days. 

    Otherwise greens, purples, pinks, yellows all work nicely with blue. 
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    Choose your primary color, and then play off of that. Think about color families and color wheel opposites. Orange is the opposite of blue-- peach and salmon-type shades look amazing next to a bright royal blue.
    Teals, blues and purples all look great next to cocoa brown or navy. Try them next to a neutral metallic. And definitely keep your venue space in mind.
    Playing with color is one of my favorite parts of the process. Grab some paint swatches at the hardware store. They're free and accomplish pretty much the same thing as a designer swatch book. Go through and pull the shades you like. Get a pin board going--real, or online. it's so fun!
  • I see absolutely no issue with mint and salmon. It sounds pretty.

    Regarding the carpet... it's a total non-issue. I just went to a wedding on Saturday. Before I starting responding to your post, I tried to remember what color the flooring was.... I have no idea. None. It's one of those things that no one pays attention to. My vote goes toward using mint and salmon and having tall centerpieces that draw the eye up if you're worried about people looking at the carpet.

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