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Ok I have a question regarding " single guest " . Me and my fiancé see different views on the Plus 1. On his guest list he has a lot of single friends, so when we do the invitations we will be putting Mrs. Sally Smith and guest- which I'm fine with because its within our budget and within our number of guest. We got into a discussion regarding people who he works who know us both  ( I used to work there as well ) of course everyone and there mother wants to attend our wedding. When I get a guest invitation that says my name and guest I think of bringing a guy, either my current boyfriend or someone I'm dating, but if I'm truly single it would just be me, he sees it different, meaning that hes ok with then bringing there friends so if Sally Smith is invited, she can bring Becky. I don't want to sound rude, but I think its odd for a girl to bring a girl unless then are gay and in a relationship romantically. He has a girl/friend who is invited, but her boyfriend doesn't live here and I ask if he's think she will invite ( we will call her Sue ) he said she probably will and he said that hes ok with it. If this friend brings this girl that my fiancé does know, and who has mention that she hopes she gets an invitation to our wedding, and my fiancé looked at me when she asked this and said shes not on the guest list to me of course not her, don't you think that would be an insult to her, likes its ok to come as someones guest, but not worthy enough to get your own invitation, am I being selfish or rude? I hope that this makes sense, its sounds better in my head.

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  • OK, first of all a grammar lesson.  When you are referring to people, the word is "their".  The word "There" refers to a place, as in "over there" .  Then, you are referring to yourself and your fiancé, so it is "my fiancé and I". You probably want to get this straight prior to writing thank you notes for all of the gifts you will receive.  

    Now, regardless of what you think, "and guest" allows the person to invite whomever they choose. 

  • I agree, regardless of what we may think, inviting someone with a guest pretty much means they can bring whomever they wish. I myself would never just bring another "girl"friend, bc I find it weird.... but I'm sure some people would do this, which is why I am just avoiding this problem completely. I have a limit on the number of people I'm inviting, so single friends are being invited alone and I went the extra step to get the names of all dates, so both names are going on my invites and they are being invited only with their significant other, this way there is no confusion....If they break up with their SO before my wedding, they don't get to just bring some other random person!
  •  Ok so they can invite who ever, and I shouldn't feel bad if they feel insulted that they are not worthy of getting their own personal invitation, but that its ok to come as someone guest. And if they say something to my fiancé and I , what advice would  you give to me to say to her if she happens to attend and mentions not getting her own invitation.

    I would feel personally insulted if I was in that situation, hey I know you, but your not on my guest list, but you can come as someone's guest. Though I guess that's just me.


     ( Hopefully all my GRAMMER is correct )

  • EMPIREGIRL ..what if your guest do break-up with their SO or if their SO is unable to attend and they want to bring someone else, what do you do then, tell them NO?

  • Exactly, weddings are expensive and I want to be surrounded by people I know and love.....there is no reason to bring a random person to my wedding, especially when it's going to cost me $100 a person for them to be there....This is my personal choice due to my budget and the fact I am only having about 100 people and rather it be as intimate as possible...my single friends are being invited alone and they all understand...if not, they have a choice not to attend.....Weddings are expensive, people should not be insulted if you can't invite everyone.....invite the people you are close with and are important to you to be there to share your big day....honestly, I'm not sure how you are picking who from work you are inviting....if you are closer to some than others, they should understand....if you are randomly picking some coworkers to attend and others to not, I would just either invite them all or none at all.....what makes him assume "Sally" is going to bring "Becky" anyways.....if he is inviting people hoping they bring other people as guests so you don't have to actually invite them....that is just wrong
  • The only reason we started talking about it, is because this girls boyfriend lives in New York, and the other girl "Becky" has already mention to my fiancé that she can't wait for our wedding assuming that she's attending, so I just brought it up to him if he thinks she will invite her since her boyfriend lives in New York and may not be able to attend I was just trying to get some advice on what other people think and what they would do in a situation like this. Also, he's not inviting people hoping they bring other people, he's not like that, she was not on the original guest list because they were just co workers and don't even talk outside of work.


    Though everyone thinks just because you work with them that they are " invited" to your wedding just because you work together, which I hate that people assume they are invited.





  • I wouldn't stress about it....invite who you want, it's your wedding! There is always going to be someone that's offended you didn't invite them.....it's annoying people assume they are invited, especially when it comes to work friends, but try not to let it get to you
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