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Knew It: Coordinator No Longer Works at Venue

So, I finally decided to email our coordinator to schedule a meeting towards the end of the month. Got an auto-reply saying that she no longer works for the venue (a boutique hotel in downtown Portland, Maine), effective the day that I posted on this site with a question about venue and coordinator contact (10/23). I *knew* something was up!  

We were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. But, honestly she really was crappy at her job. This is the 2nd coordinator that has left our venue since booking with them last January. We're making an appointment to meet with the sales director, we're hopeful that details were documented. 3rd time's the charm?

Re: Knew It: Coordinator No Longer Works at Venue

  • Ugh! So sorry. That sounds so exasperating.
    Whatever you do have written down, or any notes you made of verbal promises, I'd bring in and go over for sure!
  • I feel like it is discount time, no? ;)
  • No kidding. I'd be ticked!
  • I can't believe they didn't call and tell you this was happening and check up on your event!
  • I am also a little surprised about the fact that they didn't check in. When the previous coordinator left (the one we booked with, who was excellent), she sent us an email a few days before her last day. She left to work at pricy resort. It was essentially a promotion. I suspect this other person was fired, or quit.

  • That's annoying! 

    Our venue has kind of been dicey communication wise. We met with someone initially who eventually stopped working for the venue and were not told she was leaving. It worked out OK because they still have the copy of our contract at the venue, and whenever I have called, for the most part, someone else has been available to help me.

    The one time I got really annoyed was that I had arranged with the original coordinator since FI and I live out of province, that it would be more than fine to schedule our details meeting for the month (in the future) we were going to be in town. It was when I called to make this appointment that I discovered the original coordinator was no longer working there and that I had to contact another person. I tried and tried via phone and e-mail and never got a response back. Turns out the woman who was supposed to be our coordinator was off work a lot due to family reasons- OK more than fine, I understand completely. But I had tried for WEEKS to set up an appointment. Why was another employee not taking over her clients and checking her voicemail??? That's what annoyed me so much. 

    So when I finally talked to ANOTHER person I was very blunt that an appointment needed to be made because FI and I were only in town for another week (I initially tried to make the appointment before we even returned to our hometown). They were able to accommodate us and we now have a new coordinator. However, it left a sour taste in my mouth, but I have heard so many positive reviews about the venue that I'm hoping this was just a blip and that the wedding itself will go off without a hitch. 

    I think it is wise to talk to a director or manager and let them know how you've felt like you were left hanging. 
  • I'd be pissed too.  I agree with @SP29 that you should speak with a director or manager to let them know that this was not okay.  Maybe you can either get discounts or another special deal, or you can cancel your contract.  If they completely jerk you around, you're better off getting out of there anyway, in which case it might be worthwhile to file complaints with the BBB or other agencies about this place and/or give a review.
  • And if you stick with them, I would make sure you document everything, every discussion, etc.  Your experience has definitely taught me a lesson that I will document everything carefully when I do end up contracting with someone.
  • perhaps you need to contact the manager and explain your frustration and confirm that everything in your contract is valid.



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