This is my last semester in college. It's been driving me nuts and costing me a freakish amount of money and patients to keep myself going let alone a relationship with any one. My classes are just getting worse and my stress levels are through the roof and so is my blood pressure. I just looked at my bank accounts and my heart nearly stopped. 
What can I do to save money and stop this stress. My FI's B-day was yesterday and it being the beginning of the month, my phone bill, rent, his b-day stuff, and grocery shopping has left me with the grand total of like 40 dollars. That is between the 11 dollars in my wallet, the 13 in my checking and the 27 in my savings. Shit has randomly gotten harder and I have no idea what to do about it. 
It's getting to the point that I'm thinking of pushing off the wedding til 2015. This year has beaten me, and my bank account to a bloody pulp and it pretty much is up to me on how the wedding is paid for. My FI is really of no help. Every time we go to do anything he complains his account is taking a beating but honestly if he looked at mine he looks rich as hell.
I remember last year at this time, I had all my X-mas shopping done, saved 2G and was ready for the holidays. WTF happened and why is it that I can't seem to get ahead. I live with my FI and one of our best friends so we split the rent and the bills 3 ways. we go out every Monday and that cost me anywhere from 0 to 50 dollars EVERY Monday, and get paid on Thursday. Last week was the first time I actually bought groceries in 2 months. I don't eat at home often and when I do, I don't eat much. It's gotten to the point where I'm calling it quits and wondering if putting the wedding on hold is a better idea and getting my shit together and figuring out my cash flow blunders. 
Ugh. Damn student life being stressful and shit. Anyone got pointers on budgeting?

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  • I know we eat out a lot and we have been trying to kick that habit for a while but it seems to never work. I took Steve out for his B-day with our room mate and his girl friend and the bill was ridiculously high for our area. There is no reason the bill should have been 80 dollars. Honest to god the appetizers and the drink that my FI got is what killed it. There was as much spent on apps as there was entrees. My total meal came to one of there entrees and I still managed to have to pay 30 dollars of that bill. I was quiet mad about it. 

    It left me with 13 dollars for this week and that's it. I'm pretty much already living week to week and me and my FI don't share bank accounts or anything like that so we are held accountable for what we do but we do go out too much and when I look at my account I can see where in my account I have helped him and see what was spent on me and others on him. I work the night shift so I get a bit more in my checks than he does.

    I don't understand why it is that I still managed to have the short end of the stick and got plastered with all this crap. I have 160 rent, 50 dollar phone bill and a 57 internet bill. We always deduct what I owe the guys from the cable bill as it is the constant bill we have that doesn't fluctuate and it tends to be the highest bill no matter what. as for the heat and AC we use to get pissed at our room mate because he would always leave his AC on in his room when he was gone but we took those out last month because its getting colder.

    It's driving me up the wall with this stuff. I'm trying to save and all I get support wise is the occasional "It's gunna be okay, we'll figure this out." and it pisses me off because he keeps saying we'll figure it out but WE NEVER TALK ABOUT IT!!!! He has this week off for vacation time and I told him we need to talk about this because its driving me nuts and I can't sleep at night because I'm always thinking about it. We need to take a break from this going out. It's literally killing me.
  • Congrats on being engaged and in your last semester! 

    As a fellow student bride, I understand the situation you are in.  Money (or the lack thereof) absolutely terrifies me, and it is so very stressful to not have a set and secure income. My only advice is to sit down with your FI and have an open and honest talk about money.  If you need to push the wedding back a bit to ease your stress, then I don't see anything wrong with that.  The biggest issue here is the two of you getting on the same page about finances and priorities. I'm not saying that its time for you to set up a joint account, but just making him aware of the stress you encounter on a daily basis.   If you don't have the money to do things like contribute to expensive group dinners and other then he needs to be sympathetic about that and suggest other options. You guys are a team, and it helps so much to have your teammate work with you and not against you!

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  • Girl I feel you on the low-money problem. My FI & I were originally going to get married this year but he decided to start college this Spring for a 2-year forestry tech degree. I am graduating in May with my bachelor's degree. We have been engaged for 2 years & I was very excited to make it official this year. However, with him not working full-time anymore & me just starting out working full-time this year, we decided to push our wedding back to 2015. It's a hard decision to make because I know you must be excited but I think it would be better for you & your FI if you give it more time so you don't feel rushed or way under-budget. I wish you the best of luck. 
    "It's not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday."
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