When did you send your save the dates?

I'm hearing conflicting time frames. I've heard from ASAP, as soon as we have a date, to 4-6 months prior. With that being said, I know weddings are different in different regions, so I'm just wondering when you sent or will send yours, thanks!

Also, when did you send out actual invitations?

Re: When did you send your save the dates?

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    We sent our save the dates a little less than a year out, because we had over half our guest list coming from OOT (some even out of the country).

    We sent our actual invites about 8 weeks out.

    ETA: Our save the dates were magnets so we didn't worry too much about people losing them since we sent them so far in advance.
  • I've heard about 6 months prior. However, I think it really depends on your needs for the wedding. If your guests are all local, or you're having a small wedding, you may not need to send them. However, if you have people coming from out of town or your wedding falls on a holiday or unusual circumstances (a Tuesday, for example), then it's probably better to send them out a little earlier. I don't see the harm in sending them whenever you want - just be sure that your guest list is solid, as you should only be sending them to the people you're inviting to the wedding. If you're unsure who all we will be invited, I'd hold off. We plan on sending ours out in December/January for our September 27th wedding (we have a ton of out of towners).
  • i've heard 6-8 months for save the dates, and 8 weeks for the wedding.

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  • Yep, 6-8 months is the general rule. I sent mine out at 8 months.
  • I sent mine out 10-9 months prior I cant remember when I actually mailed mine.  Our wedding is June 28th, so we wanted to give ample time for vacation rentals.
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