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10/26/13 vendor reviews

I will try to keep this short and sweet :-)

Venue: New Orleans Board of Trade: A+
Leah Berhanu was great she responded quicky and did a good job coordinating my event. The food was delicious and plentiful. The staff was also very pleasant. I opted for the courtyard ceremony which was beautiful. And the guest had both indoor and outdoor bar/seating options for the reception. This venue is so unique and it's location is great. Especially for OOT guest! Only downside is parking can get a bit hectic but hey. It's a fair trade off to get married in such a beautiful venue

DJ: Jack Magic : A+
John was pleasant, responded very quicky and his online music catalog was extensive. There were songs that I requested which were not on his list. He was able to find these songs with out any issues. My ceremony flowed perfectly. No awkard silences. He had both an indoor and outdoor set up, so after the wedding the guest immediately had musical entertainment once they entered the venue. The music was great and the dance floor was packed through out the night. He wasn't like some DJs who talk to much or make those awkards sound effects( ehh I hate those) and his prices were very affordable!!

Second line band : The Stooges : A
They were on time, played for the standard 30 minutes. (Maybe I was having too much fun but it seemed like they played for a much shorter time ).but overall we all had a ball . They were bery reasonably

Florist: Christina O'Malley Beagle : A+
She was referred to me by a family member whom had recently used her services. I enjoyed the fact that she mainly communicated via email. I gave her my ideas and inspirations and she was able to excute them flawlessly. I was able to meet her while she was decorating for a wedding which was great because it gave me an idea of how great her work could be. The centerpieces, and fountain decorations were gorgeous. My bouquet is actually still alive almost 2 weeks later

Bakery: Royal Bakery : A ++
My cake was exquisite. Hand piped lace detail that was so intricate I almost was afraid to cut the cake. And to top the presentation.... Was the TASTE! OMG my cake was Devine! Guest are still asking for left over slices lol. I chose white chocolate and it was a HIT! They are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. And I've been to many weddings with "cute" cakes.... That taste like cardboard

Candy table: Graceful Events- Tamar G : A+
My candy table was flawless !!! the design was great! The candy was delicious also! I decided to add the candy table at the last minute and it was one of the best decisions! Guest loved it!!! Her table incorporated fresh flowers, mercury candles, vases, as well as linens. Candy tables can get pricey but it was so worth it!! If you are looking for a candy table. I suggest Tamar!!

Photo booth : Mobile Memories : A
It's hard to mess up a photo booth... My guest enjoyed it. So did my groom and myself. Props were great! We did have the mobile station package so guest could add pics to Facebook/twitter and also email them to themselves . Also each guest received their own strip as well as a strip for the scrap book

Bridal shop: "The Bridal Boutique" in Baton Rouge : A+
I chose to drive to BR because I refused to get my dress from pearls place ! The staff was friendly and they had lots of sizes!! Most boutiques stop at about a size 8. This place has allll the sizes and their prices are great!!!! Only downside is they don't do alterations

Bridesmaids dresses: Pearls Place - B
Ok. So pearls has the largest selection of gowns In the area. Hands down. And their alterations are free. Which is another perk. But OMG it's a MAD House in there. If
You can go during the week.. It's not too bad. Maybe even pleasant.... But that place on the weekends = pure chaos. But I will admit....The dresses were on time and altered wonderfully.

Bridal alterations: Golden Needle (In BR) - Danny : A+
he did a bang up job for a low low price

Photographer: Marc Pagani/ Mike Lirette (associate photographer ) : A
I booked marc pagani several months in advance. I found him very easy to communicate with and loved his online pics. Several days before the wedding he emailed me to notify me that he had a family emergency and had to cancel. (Ladies don't panick lol) he arranged Mike Lirette as my photographer and also offered a form of compensation. I understand family emergencies happen. We are all human but he handled his situation wonderfully and I barely broke a sweat. Mike emailed me immediately with a questionnaire. He was prompt, polite. And took awesome pics. I can't wait until we can view all of the photos! I'm sure he did a great job! I would def recommend him.

Videography: Clawson Media: A+
This husband and wife team was down to earth and sweet. And also very affordable!! Especially compared to some of the other videographers out there! I can't wait to see the video!!

Lodging: St James Hotel: B
The venue itself is beautifully restored...It's main perk is... It's next to BOT and the bridal suites are pretty large and open to a small courtyard. It's downfall was communication. Sarah Hixon was readily available when booking the suites. BUT once everything was all set it was almost
Impossible to get In touch with her . Also one of my guest had mold in their bathroom. The receptionist Christiania ( who is awesome) upgraded my guest to a beautiful suite on the 4th floor and she was more than happy!

Linens: Event Delievered : A
My intial sales person was Jonathan. He was polite and attentive. Maybe 1-2 months before the wedding I received an email that he had left the company and Logan had taken over my order. She was nice.. Just not as friendly as Jonathan lol. But hey my order was correct, even the last minute changes I made. The linens , tables, and chairs arrived early and we had no issues

Makeup: Jonet Williamson: A+
I was FLAWLESS! The end lol

Overall I had a wonderful wedding with no vendor nor reception drama!!!! Yayyy I don't have many pics at the moment. Will add some as they come. Hope this helps someone.. This review ended up being way longer than I expected lol.

Re: 10/26/13 vendor reviews

  • I got married at the Board of Trade as well and was so impressed with Leah and Pigeon.  Congratulations on your wedding.  It sounds like it was amazing.
  • Thank you so much for the reviews!! I am getting married at the Board of Trade in exactly 1 month and I am so excited to see your great reviews! Leah has been awesome so far! I agree with louisianablue, everything sounds amazing! Congratulations!!
  • I second Tamar at Graceful Events.  She did my candy table as well as my floral centerpieces and it was FABULOUS!


  • How much did the Stooges Brass Band charge you for the second line?

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