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Hi Everyone :)

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself really quick. I'm a normal lurker on the knot as a whole and thought it was about time I post in this board. So hi! My Fiance and I are getting married in June 2014 and are very excited. We are both non-denominational Christians and are looking forward to incorporating Christ in our wedding, and out lives together. Hope to chat with you all soon!


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Re: Hi Everyone :)

  • Hello and welcome!  DH and I got married in June 2011.  It's a good month.

    What are your plans?  Do you have your dress yet?  Any pets?  We like pictures of all these things.

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    Welcome to the board!  DH and I were also married in June 2011 and had our first child in October 2012.  He was a youth pastor for two years and is now in Seminary.  I was an autism therapist before Ezra was born and have been a SAHM since.  Happy planning!!  (And Jenn's right...we love pictures over here)  :)
  • We do have some planning underway, We are getting married at a local camp with a dining hall and multiple outdoor areas. I do have my dress :) I bought it early because the one I fell in love with was on clearance and being discontinued. 

    I actually just lost my childhood dog a few months ago, he was 14 years old and an adorable scruffy old mutt. I miss him immensely and hope my fiance and I can get a pet when we're married. I'm a Neonatal Nurse and he is an Aerospace Engineer. I agree, June will be a great month :)



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  • Welcome :) My wedding is in one week! Enjoy your next 7 months, it will go faster than you know. I'm sorry to hear about your dog, that sucks :( You should post pictures of your dress, we'd love to see it.


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  • Welcome! I'm also a June 2014 bride. :)
  • I have been a wife for 4 months now, and I love it! Sure you will too! Congrats on setting the date!
  • welcome! happy wedding planning
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