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Can't decide on All up, Half up/Half down or all down

My hair trial is on Saturday and I'm having a hard time deciding how I would like my hair.  I have a semi-open back on my gown and have been playing with the idea of having my hair half up/half down.  My mom said that I should do my hair the way I typically wear it.  I typically wear it up in a pony tail as I can't stand having my hair in my face.  A friend has told me to do all down as it would be more dramatic.  

I'm stuck.  My sister (and MOH) will be going with me to the trial on Saturday to give her opinion, etc.  I value it as she is my sister and has known me for her entire life (well, duh!).  I plan to bring ideas, but I'm still stuck.  Any tips?  Everything provided is greatly appreciated.  


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Re: Can't decide on All up, Half up/Half down or all down

  • Since you do not like your hair "in your way", I would choose up. Eather a fancy ponytail of some kind, a bun, or French twist.
  • I don't have a lot of hair experience but my plan is to take pictures of myself on "normal" days and then show them to the hair person and let them give me some ideas.  They do this stuff for a living so I think they may know better than me.

    If I were you I would probably do a fancy ponytail or braid.  I thought of doing mine all up but that would be heavy to have all day.
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