Rabbi who will perform a Saturday Wedding before sunset

Does anyone know of an amazing Rabbi, preferably Reform but I am open, who will perform a pre-sunset Saturday wedding? I am new the the area and don't have my own Rabbi to lean on and ask. We are both Jewish but my fiance, who is from the area, is not religious and is no help in this department.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.


Re: Rabbi who will perform a Saturday Wedding before sunset

  • My brother just had this problem too.  He couldn't find one and my mom works at a reform Synagogue.  Try asking other clergy within the Synagogue.  I know in his case the Cantor was willing to marry them.  Turns out his fiance's grandmother is a judge and is going to do the ceremony. 
  • You can try Rabbi Sandra Miller.
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  • I perform weddings before sunset. You can see my profile on the Knot under Joysa Winter.
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