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our reception is travel themed, any ideas?

We don't want to go too crazy with a "theme", but have a travel inspired reception. I'm definitely incorporating suitcases in some way, the vintage kind. I'm looking for unique ideas and fun ways to incorporate travel into our day. Thanks!

Re: our reception is travel themed, any ideas?

  • You could use names of places that you have been or want to visit instead of table numbers.

    Buy postcards from all over and have your guests sign them with their name and a little message to you and your FI...this could be your guest book

    You could use suitcase tags (nice ones) as your escort cards and they could also double as your favors.

  • i LOVE the postcard idea!!  Thanks so much!

    We considered putting people at states or countries, and then instead of a number, placing some well known attraction or photo at the table.
  • Look up "Travel wedding" in Etsy. So much stuff!


  • I did, but a lot of it seems to be done a lot and even though I'm looking for help online, we want to be as unique as possible.
  • I went to a "travel" wedding in last Spring. They used flags of places they'd been instead of table numbers - it sucked because they weren't in any type of order and no one could find their seats. If you do this, make a map or provide numbers in addition to the country/city/state/flag so that people can easily find their seat.

    These people also had a themed grooms cake, their invitations were passport books, each centerpiece used decor from a particular country, they had a huge map of all the places they've been above the guest book table (I don't remember the purpose, but it was cool to look at), their cocktail hour included apps from various countries... that's all I can remember.

  • Can your DJ do some songs from different countries?  Not to the point where it will be boring and people won't dance, but if you're not having people dance during dinner, then you can have some variety there.  
  • starke87 said:
    I did, but a lot of it seems to be done a lot and even though I'm looking for help online, we want to be as unique as possible.
    I hate to burst your bubble but there are no "unique" ideas anymore in the wedding world.  As you know just from Googling and looking on Etsy pretty much everything under the sun in regards to your travel theme has been done.  So don't worry about being unique, just worry about being true to who you and your FI are and pick thing that the two of you like rather then what you think is unique.

  • Since my husband and I were long distance for three years before we got married, we did LOTS of traveling and wanted to incorporate some of our favorite cities into the reception in small ways.  Our table numbers were cities we had visited (we didn't have that many, so they weren't too difficult to navigate) and we framed pictures of us in those cities with the name printed on it and set those on each table.   We also incorporated foods (and flew in, a total hassle, but totally worth it!) from a lot of our favorite cities and listed those on our menu along with a little note about wanting everyone to try our favorite foods from our favorite places.  We did use a suitcase for our cards and I had wanted to use a map poster for our guest book for people to sign and pin the city they're from (and then we could continue to pin the cities we've visited in a different color), but the majority of our out of town guests couldn't make it, so it seemed silly to have 100 people put pins in Michigan.....
  • lol if you're looking for unique the internet probably isn't the best idea. im not being snarky-just serious.

    you can incorporate different food or drink or desserts. for example when your cake is served you can serve cookies from slovakia or where ever along with the cake. serve peroni or sapporo at the bar or argentinian wine or a fave from a town in tuscany that you visited.

    and if you do the places for table names please also use a #. it saves a ton of hunting on the guests part


  • I like how PP suggested to incorporate travel in your food and beverage this could be especially fun for cocktail hour you could do specialty drinks matched with passed apps you could do margaritas with empanadas for mexico, beer and sliders for America, sake and a sushi roll for japan, olives and wine for Italy, etc... depending on what your venue/catering allows

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