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Roll Call....

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Haven't been on here since I got married in October 2011. Usually on the bump these days since I have a one-year-old.'s awful quiet around here. So who's here??? Wondering if I recognize anyone still here. Names and wedding/anniversary dates...if you're willing to share! :).

Re: Roll Call....

  • Well, sadly enough, I guess the CNY board has turned into a ghost town. :(
  • Hi! I just saw this... I'm around on occasion. I'm on the Bump too. It's Alyssa, 9/24/11 wedding date.
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  • I check back every month or so :) I'm on the bump mostly too.
    I am Morgan, got married 6/23/2012
    First comes Love (2.23.2006)
    Then comes Marriage (6.23.2012)
    Then comes Baby #1 (5.10.2013)
    And Baby #2 (EDD 6.15.2014)
    In the baby carriage! 
  • Just seeing now, I'm around - I check this once in a while, but it does seem dead.
    I just got engaged in December 2013.  Planning a Spring 2015 wedding in Utica area - - I hope this board livens up a bit as I search for a venue and vendors!
  • Oops, forgot to add - my name is Sara :)
  • @benaisy3, there used to be a post with vendor reviews, but it keeps being unstuck. I check in every so often and live in the Utica area. If you ever need vendor reviews, let me know. You can PM me here, or on the August 2012 board on the Bump. I have the same username.
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  • Just saw this. I just got married 6/01/13. This place was active when I first got engaged. My month board has a private FB group now, so I don't wander over here very much anymore. 
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  • I'm getting married 9/13/14 in Cayuga!  We're mostly set with vendors but still figuring a few things out like cupcakes, the shuttle, and decorations.

    If anyone has great vendor recommendations in Syracuse or Auburn, please let me know!  I'm also on the hunt for flameless candles if anyone has them for sale or to borrow.
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