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Ceremony vs. Reception Only Invitations?

Hi All,
We are planning to invite certain guests to our ceremony and reception, and certain guests to reception only. How have people done this with invitations in the past? Do you have two separate invitations?

Re: Ceremony vs. Reception Only Invitations?

  • Don't do it!  It's really rude. Seriously.


    It's basically a slap in the face...we like you. Just, not that much. But enough that we want to get a present from you, but not enough that we actually care that you see us pledge our love to each other, the reason why you would be giving us a gift.


    If it is a space issue for the ceremony location, I would find a different location. I think the only time this is acceptable if the ceremony is family only.

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  • This is never acceptable. In fact, I turn down every invitation where I've been invited to only the reception.
  • We did a super small 15 minute ceremony for immediate family only and large reception after.  In my opinion, it is only rude if you invite people to the dance part of the reception so you can avoid feeding them but to each their own.  

    We did pocket invites and had a separate ceremony card for our 10 guests.  
  • Yes, our ceremony is for family only, and our reception is a cocktail party style reception, rather than more traditional. Everyone will eat at the reception, and we are not registering or asking for gifts, just the presence of our loved ones.
  • We are doing the reception invitation as the main invitation, which will be sent to all guests,.  We will include a ceremony insert in the envelopes just for family.  
  • I completely agree with Jamone99.  That is a great idea!  I think making two separate ones would work as well, but may be some extra work as shipping costs and costs per design may add up more than adding a small, additional insert for wedding ceremony guests.
  • I attended a wedding reception-only event, and our invitation only specified the date and time of the reception. If it's a small group attending the wedding, maybe you could consider an extra invite for those invited to the ceremony, or design one just for them that includes the ceremony and reception information.

    It seems like it's easier to plan around what the majority will be receiving (reception) and do some type of add-on or one-off for the rest.
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