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My Wedding Day Disasters

My wedding was November 1st and it was not the perfect day I imagined it to be... It was pouring and really windy all morning, my beautician burned a whole in my veil my mom had to rush it to the seamstress with only 3 hours until the wedding, and to top it off 2 of my (now) husbands sisters were over 2 hours late they misses all the bridesmaids pictures and they were even late to the wedding itself..... but NONE OF THAT MATTERS yes there will be wedding disasters and no everything wont go perfect but in the end it is about you and the person you are marrying no matter what goes wrong none of that matters as long as you have each other in the end of the day. So don't stress it and just enjoy the commitment you are making to your partner for life. 

Good Luck to the rest of you November Brides that are yet to tie the knot
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Re: My Wedding Day Disasters

  • Way to take it in stride, and I'm glad to hear that you kept what was important (marrying your FI) in mind. 

  • Our wedding day was a disaster too- NOTHING worked out right. My flower girl didnt even show up for the ceremony at all but was there for pictures. Seriously? Come On. I could go on but i wont. I get it though when you have a dream and it doesnt quite work. 

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  • The only hiccups we had was that our venue was a mess so we had to clean everything and that left me with an hour to get ready, shower and everything. Our DJ was a complete moron and my DH's vest ripped but it want noticeable. I think that's it. It was overall amazing and I'm so happy to be married!

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  • The only bad thing that happened was after I told the bartender not to use the tip jar because we would take care of that, they demanded a certain tip (a pretty large amount) from us after still accepting tips from guests. Oh and I found out that they guilted someone into giving a tip by saying this to a guest "Your friend is making you look bad, he gave a tip". This friend had to get the keys from a friend and go get his wallet because he felt bad....I wasn't happy when I found that out. But other than that everything was great  and now we're married!
  • It's great all you ladies kept the fact that you are married as the center of your day and not get upset over details. I don't expect everything to be 100% perfect but I think I will be happy no matter what!
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