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FSIL gift ideas

I want to get my FSIL a small gift... but I need ideas. 

I've always wanted a sister, and she's really an awesome/wonderful/lovely person. I love her & her husband and two kids (FI's nephew is a groomsman). 

She's going to be the witness on our ketubah/marriage license, so I want to get her something small... but I can't think of anything. She's 16 years older than FI, so I'm stuck. Maybe a nice necklace (she wears them on occasion) or something else?

Re: FSIL gift ideas

  • I'm terrible at suggesting gifts if I don't know the individual personally. I would give her something really meaningful that goes along with her relationship with you and your FI. 
  • Maybe a personalized origami owl necklace.

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  • For a shower hostess gift I was recommended Diamond Candles. They are really cool, they have a ring wrapped in foil hidden in the candle and they have a lot of good holiday type scents right now. I got one too and it was really fun to burn the candle to find the surprise. 
  • @mrspizanotobe I've seen those - seem really neat. That might be a cute gift for FI's nieces. 
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