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Wedding photos at Como Conservatory? Too crowded?

I was wondering if anyone has done their wedding or engagement photos inside Como Conservatory?  We're not getting married there, so we wouldn't have a space reserved.  Did you find it too crowded for good photos?  Or were people considerate and stepped out of the way?  (We'll be getting married in January--not sure if that's a high season for visitors). 

Re: Wedding photos at Como Conservatory? Too crowded?

  • I don't know this for sure, but you might want to check the photo policy; I think that posed photos are not allowed there.  
  • They have a pretty strict photo policy there.  No posed shots, no tripods, no obstructing the walkways, and you need to buy a photo permit.   
  • You can by a photo permit for $35 for 20 minutes. Here is their policy:

    i did my photos outside of the conservatory and it was lovely!
  • Thanks so much everyone, I had no idea, this is really helpful!  I guess we'll need to look for another location--we want a warm heated place, with good lighting, maybe nice color, so we get a few shots where we're not bundled in many layers if it's an 8F kinda day outside.

  • Hi all,
    So it looks like we might have to do Como after all.  There are few options that meet our needs between our ceremony and reception sites, and the permit is reasonably priced.  Also the permit does allow posed photos.  So has anyone done their wedding photos inside?  I can't help but worry about the crowds.  I don't want photos full of strangers or just close-ups of us against a green wall of vegetation.
  • I was in a wedding party and we did photos at Como Conservatory, and did not have the ceremony there. There were absolutely no problems with other people at the conservatory being in the way.

    They way it's set up, it's so small that in most cases, only your wedding party will fit in a particular area anyway.

    It was cramped and a bit logistically challenging to get all of the photos in, but they were absolutely gorgeous photos!
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