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Ronald Shane Center VS. Ancient Spanish Monastery

Hi All! I need your help! I am on a $10,000 budget and I have come across the venues above that have the lowest site fees with nice atmosphere or view.

Ronald Shane Center is a blank Slate and is about $800 less than Ancient Spanish Monastery for the site fee (this is for 5 hours) BUT it looks like I would have to invest that money into decorations to make Ronald Shane look stand out. The Spanish Monastery is beautiful alone and the decorations can be simple and elegant. 

It's a tough decision since one is a great deal but it might not be at the end. I want a venue that allows me to bring my own caterers and eventually my own booze. This way I'll make it to my budget! HOPEFULLY!

Has anyone had their wedding at any of these venues or know someone or is currently doing their wedding in any of these to give me more insight? Or if you've had a similar budget with these venues?



Re: Ronald Shane Center VS. Ancient Spanish Monastery

  • I dont know anyone personally, but I have heard that the Monastery gives quotes for like 3 hours or something. 

    So make sure to check that out!

    I personally would pick the Monastery because just like you said, its just beautiful and you can ad a few things here and there with good lighting and it will be beautiful no matter what. 

    Good luck!
  • I'm having my wedding at the Monastery.  It is beautiful. You do have to add time but still worth it. The parking at the Monastery is better and nothing beats the place's history.

    You should also take a look at New Dawn at Cutler Bay.  It is also a blank slate, great parking because this used to be a church and there s a school attached so you have parking to accommodate both.  There is a beautiful garden for the ceremony. You can bring in your own liquor. It does come with a caterer but he is very reasonable. In fact we are using him for my wedding. Hope that helps.
  • Thank you both!

    I'm fully aware of the three hours... I took that in consideration when looking at the site fees and made sure to add that amount.

    I've heard a lot about New Dawn at Cutler Bay but it's way down south. I'll let you know how it goes.... I'm want to make a decision no later than this month b/c everything is booking so fast!


  • i'm also doing my reception at the Spanish monastery , very beautiful place, I started out with a 10,000 budget also with my own caterers, alcohol and now i'm way over my budget im looking at my budget now at 25,000 :/

  • @enahawkins WOW! That's my fear.. to go over my budget! AHH!

    I went to both venues this weekend with my fiancee and he loved both. Ronald Shane center is way less expensive so I might just do it there... it includes lighting, ceremony space, tables, chairs, parking, off duty police and the fee is for 5 hours. Spanish Monastery is amazing but as I was speaking to Tania there's a lot of hidden fees and the ceremony fees are ridiculous. I'm also re-considering a beach house for the same site fee in the Keys. I am hoping to make a decision by this upcoming weekend since late 2014 is almost completely booked in all the venues I'm looking at.. it's pretty crazy! Good luck and thanks!
  • Have you checked out the Art Deco Welcome Center?
  • Yes I have but I don't remember the details. I know that parking would be a BIG issue. I placed a hold for Ronald Shane and tomorrow going to a place in Islamorada. I'm hoping that by Monday I've made my decision. THANK YOU!
  • I'm having my wedding at the Shane Center also and I am on the same budget $10,000. So far it seems like I'll be able to stay within that range. The view is amazing BUT you're right parking is going to be an issue; I was trying to come up with a solution for that, maybe there are some lots or garages that are nearby. Have you made your decision yet?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • Hi @toniab06! We have gone ahead and decided to move forward with Ronald Shane... YAY! 
    Yes there's a garage on 67th and indian creek by the walgreens. It's a block away. 
    Thanks for letting me know about your budget! I feel MUCH better! Good luck!
  • Yaay!! CONGRATS I love that place and Leticia said that they are putting together an affordable drapping package for the ceiling. When is your wedding? @kiadino
  • My wedding will take place on 12/6/2014. ;-) 
    I know! She told me about it and showed me some pics. I was working on a timeline for the day and it looks like I'll be asking for extra hours. I am planning on using the terrace for my ceremony. It was just too good to be true!
  • Awesome! My wedding will be on October 17, 2014 (SUPER EXCITED). We are using the terrace for our ceremony as well. I have to request extra hours also because my DJ is requiring access 3 hours prior and my planner says she needs the same. I'm wondering if they have the package ready just yet. Have you booked anything else? I'm looking for a dress now and it's becoming a bit overwhelming.
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