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Moving the wedding date from June 2014 to Jan 25th 2014?!?! Are we crazy??

FI and I got engaged on Aug 30th. We didn't make any real plans until about a month ago. We were shooting for a June 14th date in 2014. A bit unrealistic as so many venues were booked. We found one that we loved. Saw it quickly on Saturday, then went yesterday for the tour. It is AMAZING. But they are fully booked until May 2015. Well crud. Since my mom and his parents were there too, asked if we could still look around. Sure, so she showed us around. In conversation, it came out that they have an opening January 25th. 79 days away. NO! That wouldn't work at all. So we look around more and fall more in love with the place. FI asks her if there would be any break in price if we were to book the 25th, I looked at him like he was all sorts of crazy for thinking of it. (turns out yes, we would get $300 knocked off the price).

We all go out for lunch after and talk about it. We decide that if our vendors can do it, we will be on board. They can all do it. GULP.

We spent about two hours w/the florist yesterday, changed the wedding colors, changed the flowers, came up with new centerpieces, alter flowers, etc to match a winter wedding instead. Just need to find a different photographer than we were thinking of. 

I've settled down from the near panic attack that I was having yesterday and now in a "lets do it!" mode lol

The only real difference is that we will be hiring a company to do our decorating (already talked to them) instead of doing it ourselves. Originally we planned on spending the winter working on things, we won't have the luxury of time now and feel that it would be financially worth it instead of adding more to our plates and potentially killing each other lol 

So are we crazy? Do you think it is possible?

Re: Moving the wedding date from June 2014 to Jan 25th 2014?!?! Are we crazy??

  • It's totally possible. Winter is a slow time for photographers, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a new one. And there are lots of places that let you buy a dress off the rack (J Crew, David's Bridal, etc.) if you don't have one yet. You can probably skip save the dates at this point and just choose your invitations soon.
  • I am thinking that it is totally possible, providing FI and I don't kill each other first! lol Have an appt Sunday for dress shopping, think we have the invitations sorted out, have an appt for next Wed for the caterer, little things are coming together quickly!
  • It's definitely possible, and I wish we had such a short period of time, frankly. We were only engaged about 7 months, but the longer you have to plan, the longer you have to change your mind, doubt every decision, etc. A nice short planning time means you make a decision and go for it. 

    As long as you have the money now to do it (versus needing to save until June) I think it's a great idea. Good luck!
  • Money is going to be TIGHT, at least if we hire out the things that we were originally going to do. But we went over the budget last night, and have about 20% left for things that we aren't planning for. FI is a mega planner, so honestly, he is doing most of the research here lol We are in good shape. The amount of thing that we have gotten pinned down in the last 24 hours is crazy to me! It is happening!!!
  •  Totally possible, & it sounds like you have everything under control! :) Sometimes things are meant to be, and they just line up! Your level of excitement must have gone from 0-60 pretty fast! 


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    Of course it's possible, as long as you stay on task. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • Definitely possible, photographer shouldn't be too hard to find. As long as the rest of your vendors are able to do the date, go for it.

    Do realize you should start shopping TODAY for your dress and any WP attire. Be prepared to be a less picky and possibly buy off the rack.

    I am getting married January 4th 2014, and my BMs just bought their dresses from David's in the past two weeks. I told them a short dress in marine- they got to choose the style (I wanted them to buy something they were comfortable in, comfortable paying for, and would possibly wear again). Yes you can buy off the rack at David's, but not every dress is available in every colour or even size! Both my BMs ordered their dresses and we were originally given an order date AFTER the wedding date, so the consultant had to call and get a rush order done. Both dresses will arrive only a couple weeks before the wedding, so no time for alternations if they did need them (which also influenced the dress picks). 

    You can get invitations (you can order them off David's Bridal online) pretty fast. But you will need to mail those out soon. 

    Good luck!! 

  • Absolutely possible. Sounds like it would be a good move for you. I'd say the biggest thing is you might have to buy a wedding dress off the rack. For BMs, pick a color and let them choose their own dress from wherever (they will thank you for it!). My Vistaprint invites always came when they were supposed to (I ordered with a Groupon multiple times). 

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    No problem.  I'm finding that there is a lot of rushing up front to get the long lead items ordered (dresses, etc.), but after everything is selected, there really isn't much to do.  I'm finding my self looking into DIY projects that I hadn't originally anticipated doing, just to feel like I'm still connected to and involved with my wedding planning.  But, really, it only took me about a month to plan & arrange everything... and my wedding isn't until June 2014.  I could do nothing between now & then, show up and it would be a beautiful wedding.  So, I absolutely think you can do it in that time frame. And it sounds like you already have a big jump start on revising plans & booking everything.  Once everything is selected and reserved, you are good to go.  Just take a deep breath and try to stay calm.  And like others have said, the largest time frame issue will be the dress & attire, since those typically have long lead times.  But, there are a lot of options for off the rack gowns.  Davids Bridal has some and you may want to look for local stores that sell used or sample gowns.  I made multiple shopping trips to one store here that carries samples of designer gowns for about 1/2 price.  You can take it home that day and get started on alterations ASAP.  And buying dress off-the-rack, samples or used gowns often comes with some awesome cost savings.


  • Thank you so much ladies!!!!! Your comments have put my mind at ease a ton (or at least helped lol).

    I can't believe how much we have gotten done already. Our invitations are being custom made. Got the wording down and sent it off last night. We should have the first proof tomorrow. They will ship 5 days after we approve the final proof. So hypothetically, we could have those next week!

    I bought my wedding dress yesterday at Davids. LOVE IT. Adding cap sleeves to the strapless dress, not many other alterations will be made (take in about 3 inches at the waste, adding a 1/4 inch tuck to the top of the dress by the bustline). It should be ready Dec 11th, unless some tweaking needs to be done to the sleeves. 

    Picked out the tuxes and arranged all of that yesterday as well. 

    And registered at Kohls. BUSY weekend!

    Tonight we are meeting w/the DJ and registering at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

    Tomorrow meeting w/a second florist just to see what they can do in comparison with the other we found.

    Wednesday we are meeting the caterer to finalize the menu.

    Thursday I have class, so that will be a little break (I go to school in addition to working full time) lol

    Friday, I am SLEEPING after work! LOL 
  • You can do it OP! We had a ~4 month engagement and it was honestly totally fine and I am so happy we did it this way. 

    There was a crazy few weeks at the beginning (sounds like you are in the middle of this right now!), but then it was all smooth sailing. If we had a 1+ year engagement, I would have at least another 6 months of over-thinking and Pintrest browsing and spending $ in my future, haha. 

    My advice: Don't obsess over each decision, just make it and move on. Don't worry about too much DIY and things like programs, favors, decorating the aisles, etc. Skip a large bridal party, this could be a time suck. Don't worry about things being "perfect", just pick a pretty ______ (entrance song, bouquet, ceremony reading, place card font, website background, guestbook, salad dressing, whatever!) and move on. It will all look beautiful on the day of. Good luck!
  • I think I'd be a much richer person if I didn't have so much time to spend on Etsy and Pinterest, finding additional things I just have to have. Seems like a 4 month engagement is def the way to go. Good luck and congrats! :)
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    We only had a four month engagement. At first, when he said he meant fall of 2013 as opposed to fall 2014 I panicked.  Then I said ok.    It was actually heavenly.  We made quick decisions, moved on to the next thing without second guessing, and the stress was over and done with in no time.

    DO IT!!
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